Post Rock

This part of the two-show series dedicated to post-rock includes independent bands that kindly sent their material to air it at eufOnia. We thank them and hope this selection helps our audience to understand a so-called genre or subgenere that finally is an evolution of music. A lot of good post rock music comes from independent bands anyway.

We also want to thank the visit and presence of Monterrey’s band Elfonia and proudly announce the release of their debut album «Eldalinalë». Best wishes!!! This is a band that you should follow…..

Agradecemos la visita y presencia de la banda Elfonía. Este día presentamos su disco debut: «Eldalinalë». Mil gracias por acompañarnos

  • Surface Of Eceon (USA)
    The King Beneath The Mountain, 2001 (Strange Attractors Audio House)
    «The Open Sea» (Track 1 / 6:36)
  • My Education (USA)
    My Education, 2001 (Independiente)
    «Nightrider Meets The Waterfall» (Track 3 / 7:30)
  • Sh’Mantra (AUS)
    Formula Orange, 2001 (Independiente)
    «Abscence Substance Quantity» (Track 3 / 7:30)
  • Pelican
    Pelican EP, 2001 (Independiente)
    «Forecast For Today» (Track 3 / 7:29)
  • Floorian (USA)
    What The Buzzing, 2002 (Drigh Records)
    «In Low Emotion» (Track 3 / 5:47)
  • The Government (AUS)
    Underwater Themes For An Overrated Film, 2000 (Comrade Records)
    «Flanagan Transfers» (Track 5 / 5:08)
  • Klangstorm (UK)
    2HITEK4LOTEK, 2001 (Independiente)
    «Gone Fishin’» (Track 2/ 5:55)

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