Music Received | Música recibida 18.04.05 – 22.04.05

We received the following material:
Recibimos el siguiente material:

  • Systems Theory: «Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies»
  • Earthloop: «The Earthloop Experience»
  • Kyron: «Whims Vol. 2»
  • The Elegies: «Blind Panic»
  • Astropop 3: «Allies And Stepping Stones»
  • Yearbook: «Yearbook»
  • Tara Van Flower: «My Little Fire-filled Heart»
  • Jamie Barnes: «Honey From The Ribcage»
  • Remora: «Enamored»

Bruce Licher sent us a treasure:

  • Savage Republic: «Recordings From Live Performance, 1981-1983»
  • Scenic: «Incident At Cima»
  • Scenic: «Acquatica»
  • Scenic/Lanterna: «Live Recordings»

Thanks to the bands, specially Bruce Lichter from Scenic and Steven Davies-Morris from Systems Theory and the label Silber Records for their trust in this project. Thanks for your music. We’ll make our best to spread it on airwaves!

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