My playlist this week

This week is a very lightsounding one for me… maybe the combination of hard work, harshness, sadness, tired hot days… It’s more an autumn list than a hot-summer one… Maybe the strong storms at the end of the week helped. Need to have «soft» music, making some thinking and also raising faces and bringing light to the mood… Use it with care…

  • Porcupine Tree: Deadwing’s «Lazarus» (what a song, the one that doesn’t have distorted guitars, the one that’s less agressive than the others, the track specially made for this week)
  • Eels: Blinking Lights And Other Revelations’ «Trouble With Dreams» (the album is a nice compilation of short tracks, cool, makes me remember that I completely missed Shootenanny! got to have it…)
  • The Trash Can Sinatras: Weightlifting’s «Got Carried Away» (haven’t paid attention to this track… very cool)
  • Brian Wilson: Smile’s «Good Vibrations» (This is the last version of this great song. I remember listening to the 45 rpm vynil single, don’t know if it was my father’s or my sister’s single… it was powerful, I listened and put it on and on and on…that early version was amazing and powerful…this, a mature, aged one)
  • The Good Ship: The Good Ship’s «The Maco Light» (tranquility comes… mandolins, guitar percussion, whistling, more a folk song than the pop one it seems to be)
  • Solas: The Hour Before Dawn’s «The Last Of The Great Whales» (one of my favorite celtic bands alongside Altan and Clannad, with a tune that goes beyond the ears and an ecological song about the hunting of whales, sang in first person… «I am the last of the great whales, and I am dying», with all the violins, whistles and great voices)
  • Kymia Dawson: Hidden Vagenda’s «Angels And Seagulls» (ex Moldy Peaches 4th album… low profile, more folky and country, nice short song based on some background synths, childish piano, drums, accordions and an authentic sounding voice)

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