Best Of… | Lo Mejor de … 2005 (Vol. I)

Hoy comenzamos con el siguiente tracklisting, que a nuestra opinión representa lo mejor del 2005 (sin ningún orden)

Today we’re starting the year (as every year) with the best of 2005 in our humble opinion (no intentional order in the tracklisting)

  • Porcupine Tree | Deadwing | “Lazarus”
    endorsed by Chuy & Ciro
  • Sigur Rós | Takk… | “Soèglopur”
    endorsed by Charly, Chuy and Ciro
  • Dream Theater | Octavarium | “The Root Of All Evil”
    endorsed by Chuy
  • M83 | Before The Dawn Heals Us | “Moon Child”
    endorsed by Jesse
  • Sufjan Stevens | Illinoise | “The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts”
    endorsed by Chuy & Ciro
  • Stars | Set Yourself On Fire | “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”
    endorsed by Jesse
  • Kate Bush | Aerial | “From A Sea Of Honey: Prelude + Prologue”
    endorsed by Chuy
  • Neal Morse | ? | “Suite Elation” + “In The Fire”
    endorsed by Chuy
  • Fritz Doddy | The Feeling Of Far | “In The Tree”
    endorsed by Ciro & Chuy
  • Rob Dickinson | Fresh Wine For The Horses | “Handsome”
    endorsed by Jesse
  • Sieges Even | The Art Of Navigating By The Stars | “Sequence I: The Weight”
    endorsed by Chuy

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