Avant beats from here and there…

Hola! Hemos recibido toneladas de música en los últimos 6 años. Radiaremos aquí algunos tracks que muestran la calidad de la música independiente actual, de todos los rincones de la tierra, y con todos los estilos y géneros musicales. Esperemos que disfruten este programa tanto como nosotro disfrutamos haciéndolo.

Hi there! There are tons and tons of music that we have received during the last 6 years, here are some tracks that show the quality of independent music out there, from every corner of the world and lots of styles and musical genres. Hope you enjoy this show as much as we did making it.

  • All India Radio «For Angel (All India Radio vs Don Meers mix)» [track 7, 4:19] Permanent Evolutions [Inevitable, 2006]
    superb avant electropop from Australia
  • Pangolin Band «TRB» [track 1, 5:12] TRB [Independiente, 2005]
    avant rock pop
  • The Roebucks «Heyhey Rock & Roll» [track 2, 3:48] The Roebucks EP [SomaRecords, 2005]
    good ol’ rock&roll as we like it… from Switzerland
  • Trio96 «Improvisation (Bradford)» [track 4, 6:48] Duo’03 [Musea/Poseidon, 2004]
    jam avant prog jazz from Japan
  • Beardfish «Now» [disc 2, track 10, 6:38] The Sane Day [Independiente, 2005]
    avant prog from Sweden… cool!
  • Kari Rueslåtten «Sorrow To My Door» [track 2, 3:31] Other People’s Stories [The Art Records, 2005]
    our lady of the voice from Norway on an avant pop/rock record
  • Catdesigners «Strange Little Creature» [track 3, 4:15] Strange Little Creature [GooglieMooglie, 2004]
    avant britpop from (where else?) the UK
  • Lanterna «End Of The Tunnel» [track 1, ] Scenic/Lanterna live recordings [Independent Project/Parasol, 1997]
    desert rock from the US
  • Scenic «Angelica» Scenic/Lanterna live recordings [Independent Project/Parasol, 1997]
    desert rock from the US…fathers of the genre
  • F5 «Bleeding» [track 5, ] A Drug For All Seasons [Independiente, 2005]
    American metal
  • Pax Romana «Moonlight Meadow» [track 5, 6:33] Trace Of Light [Wolfgang Records, 2005]
    Soft Prog from Finland… Yes style…check it!
  • Lars Boutrup «Emersong» [track 6, 6:53] Music For Keyboards [Excess Records, 2005]
    keyboard prog from Denmark
  • The Monorail «Day Lilies» [track 3, ] Visit Pellmell (w/People Chasing People) [Milquetoast, 2005]

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