Thanks to all the bands and labels that trusted in us and our show. Here are some excerpts of great music we have received.

  • Niko Riippa (Finlandia)
    Bohemian Breakfast Bar (Try Angle, 2003)
    «Plastic Castle»
  • Space Team Electra (USA)
    The Vortex Flower (Luminous, 2003)
  • Project Creation
    Floating World (Progress, 2005)
    «Warming Up The Machines»
  • French TV (USA)
    This Is What We Do (Pretentious Dinosaur, 2005)
    «Look At The Bears! Look At The Bears! Look At The Bears!»
  • Captain Bringdown (USA)
    Captain Bringdown (Pretend / Diablo Dulce)
    «Frozen Roses»
  • Believe
    Hope To See Another Day (Galileo, 2006)
    «What Is Love»
  • Sonata Arctica
    For The Sake Of Revenge (Nuclear Blast, 2006)
    «Prelude For Reckoning» + «Misplaced»
  • Pyctorial Wand
    A Sleeper’s Awakening (Unicorn, 2006)
    «Greed pt. II: Warning Not Heard»
  • Idiot Wind (USA)
    Upsetting Normal People (Independiente)
    «Chapter Two»
  • A Day’s Work (Holanda)
    A Home In The Rain (Dawa, 2006)
    «Days Go By»
  • Tunnels
    Natural Selection (Bucky Ball, 2006)

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