Hoy habrá de todo. Quisimos desempolvar algunas cosas del baúl que estaban guardadas desde hace rato (o no mucho). Esperemos que lo disfruten… un metajam…. 

  • Kerrs Pink
    Art Of Complex Simplicity (Musea, 1997)
    “Welcome To The Greenest Forest”
  • Happy The Man
    The Muse Awakens (InsideOut, 2004)
    “The Muse Awakens”
  • Dirty On Purpose
    Hallelujah Sirens (North Street, 2006)
    “Light Pollution”
  • Jorma Kaukonen + Tom Constantinen
    Embryonic Journey
    “Embryonic Journey”
  • Low + Dirty Three
    In The Fishtank 7 (KonKurrent/Touch&Go, 1999)
    “Invitation Day”
  • Martin Barre
    Stage Left (Fuel2000, 2003)
    “After You, After Me”
  • Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns
    In The Fishtank 10 (KonKurrent, 2003)
    “Theme De Yo Yo”
  • Love
    The Forever Changes Concert (Snapper, 2003)
    “You Set The Scene”
  • Peter Sinfield
    Stillusion (Voiceprint 1993, Originalmente Still, 1973)
    “Night People”
  • Waterloo
    Out Of The Woods (Undertow, 2006)
    “Chain Of Lakes”
  • Swords
    Metropolis (Arena, 2005)
  • Olivia Tremor Control
    Black Folliage: Animation Music Vol. 1 (Flydaddy, 1999)
    “The Sylvian Screen”
  • Mogwai
    Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait Soundtrack (Matador, 2006)
    “Black Spider”
  • Melting Euphoria
    Inside The Gardens Of The Mind (Cleopatra, 1997)
    “Arwr Rhithwelediad”

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