2007: What’s New So Far…

20070326Estamos ya en primavera y dados varios compromisos y conciertos, no habíamos hablado de lo que está pasando en la música durante este 2007. Aunque falta el hit o el disco matón, el año promete: hay muy buena música y muy buenas bandas esperemos que la cosa no se esté desinflando.

We’re right on spring and due to lots of pre-arranged shows, we haven’t take the time to talk and show what’s going on in music this year. We haven’t hear the killer track or album yet, but the year seems promising, with good bands and albums. Hope there will be tons and tons of music this year.

Gracias por la visita a Carlos González «Mercy» de Ventilader. Excelente trabajo el que están haciendo. Lástima que tuvieron que irse a la ciudad de México… A ponernos las pilas y evitar la fuga de talento!!!

Logramos colocar dos tracks de su última entrega: Apice

  • Ventilader
    «Metido Hasta Adentro»
  • Ventilader
    «Porque Sí»

  • Vieux Farka Touré
    Vieux Farka Touré»Diallo» (7:12)

Great guitars and instruments, great voices, in this track, Ali Farka (who didn’t want his son to be a musician) supports his son in this beautiful track filled with african and bluesy vibes… The best way to describe it is to feel it… yes… feel it!

  • The Besnard Lakes
    The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
    «Raids The Rails» (4:56)

Some people think this canadians sounds like The Arcade Fire… the thing is they don’t. The only thing in common is they both are from Montreal and the leaders are married. That’s all. This is some melodic post pop, post rock brilliantly done. Although we wanted to air the more energetic «Devastation», «Raids The Rails» is so beautiful, it’s worth it… we have plenty of time during the next months to show you more from this band.

  • The Arcade Fire
    Neon Bible
    «Black Mirror» (4:13)

The opening track for a great album. Lot’s of people including our own Chuy praised their last album. Just wait and hear this one… fantastic. A fine piece of bombastic pop… or maybe post pop as well… And yes… hear the difference with The Besnard Lakes.

  • Of Montreal
    Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?
    «We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling» (4:58)

This album has more electronic elements supporting the old 60’s voices harmonies of the band. The results are… well you’ll have to listen. We choose the final track, like it very much…. But like The Sunladic Twins a lot more…

  • Andrew Bird
    Armchair Apocrypha
    «Scythian Empires» (4:34)

One of the best albums this year… hard to decide on one track only, hope we can air «Plasticities» soon. Just hear Bird (yeah! we knew he could do things like this and changing his songwriting to this more pop kind of music in the last 3 albums has made Bird a very sophisticated pop – post pop artist… great) whistling and string picking his violin on this nice track.

  • Blackfield
    Blackfield II
    «End Of The World» (5:13)

Terrific album… maybe the best one aired this night… hard to tell, too soon to digest so much music. But Wilson… is Wilson. The duo delivers their second album after some months recording in Israel. The product and sound -as always- is superb. This is some kind of melancholic track, the final one, full of string arrangments. Some kind of symphonic progressive pop. Übercool.

  • Air
    Pocket Symphony

Hope to have the track before the show. El grillo is going to be with us (hopefully) telling us about the album. I have just sampled it…sounds great, although maybe not their best, but good…

  • Explosions In The Sky
    All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
    «It’s Natural To Be Afraid» (13:27)

Shhyeeahh!! Almost 15 noisy minutes of pure post rock from the texans. Good album, but this tracks is soo good, the rest of the tracks seems overshadowed by it (well, not really… but believe me… this one rocks!) …. Only the title alone rocks! Be prepared fore some kind of extasis…

  • The Frames
    The Cost
    True (5:14)

Irish band, making what they do best… dramatic vocals -in this case- over a soft slow melody. Sounds great, and the voice is very catchy… nice snowpatrolish mood.

  • Panda Bear
    Person Pitch
    Bros (12:30)

Interesting sounds, full of ambient pre-recorded noises, in a very long and melodic pop track. This sounds great and at the same time somehow experimental. Great!

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  1. […] es muy bueno y se nota que la banda va a seguir madurando. Platicamos con Mercy el baterista en un programa pasado y se nota el entusiasmo y el compromiso con el proyecto. El disco es parte visible de este […]

    Me gusta

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