Portugal The Man, gets political.

The Alaskan native band gets vocal about Sarah Palin and her performance in the presidential race as republican hopeful  John McCain‘s running mate. Sorry Ciro, I know you are a conservative but this band members may have their point here about this.

An excerpt of the interview:

«What is it about her that you don’t like?
Just everything that she represents. When she came into office, they made this big deal out of her firing all the corrupt people. So who gets the jobs that were just all opened up? It ends up, it’s all people from her church. They get the jobs at the hospital and they get abortion out of the hospital; [they] pretty much enforced their own rules. I’ll always be the first to say: we’re not a political band. We’re not into voicing opinions on things like this. It’s just—that’s our hometown.»

Check the whole interview at Metromix.


Los de Portugal. The Man, se ponen medio politicos en una entrevista. Realmente la entrevista es más sobre su trabajo y material pero cobra un poco de sentido político al ser nativos de el pueblo que vio nacer la carrera de Sarah Palin la actual candidata a la viceprecidencia de EE UU por el partido republicano.

Checa la entrevista en Metromix.

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