Octubre clásico: rock+new wave pop+psych+prog

Segundo programa dedicado a tracks, bandas y discos clásicos… el grillo + charly @ mic

  • Pink Floyd
    The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (1967.08.05)
    «Astronomy Domine»
  • The Beatles
    Abbey Road (1969.09.26)
    «Come Together»
  • The Who
    Who’s Next (1971.07.31)
    «Baba O’Riley»
  • Talking Heads
    Talking Heads: 77 (1977.09.16)
    «Psycho Killer»
  • Dire Straits
    Dire Straits (1978.07.??)
    «Sultans Of Swing»
  • Queen
    The Game (1980.06.30)
    «Another One Bites The Dust»
  • Rush
    Moving Pictures (1981.01.30)
    «Tom Sawyer»
  • Gary Numan
    The Pleasure Principle (1979.09.??)
  • Yes
    Fragile (1971.11.26)
  • [bonus track]
    Tears For Fears
    Songs From The Big Chair (1985.02.25)
    «Everybody Wants To Rule The World»


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