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We’re in the middle of a major adjustment in the way we make our site more user friendly.


We’d like to make a statement: We do these for the joy of sharing music and musical knowledge with our audience and readers. There’s no money making involved in this effort, and we’ll not allow economic issues to interfere with our main objective. We prefer to stop this wonderful project before let other interests than the joy of music interfere. If we need to financially fund anything in the eufOnia project we’ll choose other ways that doesn’t make you suspicious of our honesty and goodwill. Even those who helped at some time with things like the webhosting or funding some productions or products were aware of what we are doing and why we do this.

Music is so important and sacred for us that we won’t make anything to distort something that has to remain pure and fundamental for our souls and minds.

In that respect, whenever we write a review of some material we make our most profound commitment with:

  • First of all, Ourselves: we have to remain honest with ourselves if we want to stay doing this incredibly interesting and joyful work. In that sense, we also take the responsibility for what we write.
  • You who read this pages and our reviews: We want you to have the best experience when reading what we are publishing thanks to this wonderful electronic medium. If we don’t make an honest job, you’ll stop reading us. We don’t want that. If you don’t visit us, this effort is worthless and meaningless. Although, as Elvis Costello said, «writing about music is like dancing about architecture» our main purpose for this section is to let you know the alternatives you have in listen to great music. That’s why we decided to open a part of us to you in the About section of our site. That’s why we bother to write a review. That’s why we bother to spend time and money contacting people all over the world just for the sake of music and spread it and its information.
  • Finally, and equally important, The Bands who trust us and our project and send us material. The readers will notice that although our shows include established bands, commercially successful bands and sometimes mainstream music, the review area is focused on independent bands: the amount of material out there is so vast that even if you find some mainstream information, we think we have enough work to do with independent music. We’ll try to review established bands releases and also classic music from the past whenever we can.

For the bands: we respect a lot every single effort to bring music for other people. We know it’s not easy to make music and no effort is to be underestimated. Whenever a criticism is done, we try to do it with a sense of help -not that we are experts, but we have listened to «a lot» of music and take music seriously- from a listener point of view. Every word is intended to build -not destroy- on your projects. As with everything in life, there will be exceptions… Anyway, we like to see all of the bands honestly as «friends» and have them feel at this e-place at home.

Though,  remember that we have two other strong commitments, so your words, ideas and claims would be always considered and appreciated, but we’ll balance with what we feel fair to ourselves and to our audience.

For example, we hate to make comparisons, but we are commited to our readers, so that’s a way we could try to cope to the problem of «writing about music».

We don’t like to say negative things: music is so beautiful when it’s done with passion, love and also knowledge…. but we have to be honest with ourselves.

We don’t want to take a lot of time to publish a review…. but we have a commitment with the band…So, we investigate, we hear the material as much as we can and we try to stay objective about what we are listening.

This disclaimer was written made while listening to Ayreon’s «Into The Electric Castle»…specially «The Tunnel Of Light» which begins with the following:

«Be joyful, my friends! You will now enter the Tunnel Of Light. Let brilliance suffuse your souls. Make your choice. Your path is incandescent.«

Arjen Anthony Lucassen

How we evaluate a musical work

First of all, for each album we receive to review, we try to look what kind of music is to make the most suitable staff member (check the About… area) evaluating that specific album. When evaluating, we try to hear the album as much as possible (therefore, some albums may take some time to be evaluated, specially if we want to put an objective evaluation).

We try to consider as much aspects as we can: sound quality, creativity, innovation in the use of instruments, instrument and voice performance, production, sometimes even the package (this can ad points to an evaluation but we never substract because of this: for us the music is more important than any package).

We’ll start each one of us (check the About… area) evaluating one album at a time. We hope to include the evaluation of the rest of us for each album (so you can figure out depending on our preferences what you can expect about an album): that’s why we included the About… section, this has to do for our hard search for objectivity in this process (as you may know, it’s very hard to be 100% objective, so to be honest, although we are working hard on this, you can expect a bit of subjectivity on our work).

We’ll evaluate from 1 to 5, using half points too, where the meaning is:

  • 5 : Stop reading! Go and buy it! (it will have an image like this: 
      instead, meaning it’s our greatest recognition for a band. If you’re a band honored with this, you can use it as a button in your website, pointing to http://eufonia.mx).
  • 4 : Outsanding! close to a masterpiece
  • 3 : OK, maybe you have to listen to the album a couple of times before you get completely caught
  • 2: Could be better
  • 1: Forget it! It lacks creativity, or performance
  • 0: Don’t even dare: we’re making you a favor

Please contact us at eufonia.radio@outlook.com

If you have albums to be reviewed or want to send some materials, e-mail info@eufoniaradio.net or send them via postal service to:

We’re figuring out a way of doing this. We stopped receiving physical material (that we really love). So because of logistics and other reasons, we’re trying other ways.

Apartado Postal 2146

Sucursal de Correos «J» 64841
Monterrey, NL


We have to include this boring and non-grateful part in the site so we can handle any misunderstanding and continue our work being sure that everything is in its right place.

  1. Everything written here has copyright for his authors (mostly, the eufOnia staff) except for the titles of records, tracks and names of Record Companies, Bands and people or where we are aware. This copyright consist on asking you kindly to ask for permission whenever you want to include parts of the written and published material within this site (http://eufonia.mx) on other media including websites, magazines, newsletters or any other written or electronic medium including radio, tv and others. By doing this we can assure that we do have the rights in case some parts of what we’ve published has copyrights for another person/organization. Also, we will be notified of where we are in the web and in the media, so we can contribute to promote events, websites or publications, all with the same independent spirit. Remember, independent doesn’t mean free or ready-to-copy (at least not without permission).
  2. We welcome, although the horrible first paragraph, any link or addressing to this site or any of its pages. Doing it through links we can assure that the info on this site is under eufOnia’s publishing and maintenance control. Thanks.
  3. We use the cover artwork of the CD’s or albums for reviewing and promoting purposes. For the independent bands and record companies we get the artwork mostly from the band’s website. Anyway, if you’re the owner and don’t agree with the use of any artwork, you can contact us at eufoniaradio@outlook.com and ask us to eliminate or change anything. We’ll be happy to do this whenever possible.
  4. The animated graphics used in the review page and in some homepages (hey we try to change it weekly!) are most of the time from a pay service. We encourage you not to use this graphics. You can reach the service and try some graphics at http://www.animfactory.com/ .
  5. Being a very subjective material -specially in the Reviews area- what we publish on this site and the other eufOnia sites, and because of other many reasosns, we are not responsible for the results of the use of the information published in this site in terms of the readers.
  6. All information published in this site could change without notice.
  7. If you have any doubt or detail regarding this issues, please let us know at eufoniaradio@outlook.com . We gladly be in touch to solve any issue …


The eufOnia staff

Creative Commons License
the eufOnia reviews, news, interviews and obituarium website by the eufOnia staff is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://eufonia.mx.

Gracias por visitarnos. Si llegaste aquí por una liga distinta a eufonia.mx. ¡Bienvenido!

Estamos tratando de mejorar la forma de presentar y actualizar nuestro sitio, por lo que estamos probando un blog para el manejo de la página de reseñas. Gracias de nuevo y déjanos un comentario.


Antes que nada quisiéramos aclarar que hacemos esto por el gusto y la alegría de compartir la música y el conocimiento de la misma con nuestra audiencia y lectores. No hay intenciones de hacer dinero en este esfuerzo y NO permitiremos que aspectos económicos o de otra índole interfieran con nuestro sano y principal objetivo. Preferiríamos dar por terminado el proyecto antes de dejar que otros intereses interfieran con nuestro regocijo por la música. En caso de requerir financiar todo o parte del proyecto eufOnia optaremos por esquemas que les permitan seguir confiando en nuestra honestidad. Aun aquellos que colaboran con el proyecto financiando el sitio o algunas producciones están advertidos de esto y de nuestros objetivos.

Para nosotros la música es tan importante y sagrada que no haríamos nada para distorsionar algo que debe permanecer puro y ser fundamental para nuestras mentes y almas.

En este sentido, cuando escribamos la reseña de algún material, estaremos haciendo siempre un profundo compromiso:

  • En primer lugar con nosotros mismos: sabemos que debemos permanecer honestos a nosotros mismos si queremos permanecer algún tiempo haciendo este increíble, interesante y divertido trabajo. Así mismo, somos totalmente responsables por aquello que escribamos.
  • Contigo, quien nos lees y escuchas constantemente en nuestro programa y en este maravilloso medio electrónico que es el Internet: Queremos que tengas siempre la mejor esperiencia al leer esta área de reseñas. En el momento en que no hagamos un trabajo honesto tú nos dejarás de leer: No queremos eso. Si no nos visitas, todo el esfuerzo que hagamos será inútil: será como si no lo hiciésemos (para qué escribir si nadie te lee?). Aunque Elvis Costello dijo alguna vez que escribir sobre música era como bailar al ritmo de la arquitectura, nuestro propósito es mantenerte informado de las alternativas que tienes para escuchar buena música. Por eso decidimos abrirnos un poco a tí en nuestra area de Acerca de …. Por eso nos molestamos en escribir reseñas. Por eso invertimos tiempo, esfuerzo y dinero en comunicarnos con gente alrededor del mundo, con el sólo propósito de difundir música e información sobre ella.
  • Finalmente, aunque no menos importante, con las bandas que han creído en nosotros y nuestro esfuerzo y nos han enviado su material. Los lectores notarán que aunque nuestros programas radiales incluyen bandas establecidas, comercialmente exitosas y hasta «mainstream», el área de reseñas se enfoca principalmente a bandas independientes: la cantidad de material disponible es tal que tendremos trabajo suficiente sólo con la música independiente. Trataremos, eso sí, de incluir reseñas de bandas establecidas o comercialmente exitosas de vez en cuando, sea material nuevo o editado con anterioridad.

A las bandas: respetamos mucho cada esfuerzo que se realiza por compartir su música con otros. Sabemos que no es facil hacer música y no subestimamos ningún esfuerzo. Cuando exista alguna crítica o evaluación negativa, la estaremos haciendo con la honesta intención de ayudar a la banda -aunque no nos consideramos expertos, estén seguros que hemos escuchado MUCHA música- desde el punto de vista de alguien que escucha su música. Cada palabra es escrita con la intención de construir -no destruir- sobre sus proyectos. Aunque como con cualquier cosa en la vida, pueden existir excepciones…. Aunque siempre nos gusta ver a todas las bandas honestamente como AMIGOS nuestros y de nuestros proyectos, esperamos que este espacio lo consideren siempre como su casa.

Recuerden, sin embargo, que tenemos otros dos compromisos muy fuertes, de forma que si quieren escribirnos, reclamarnos o compartir sus ideas, sus mensajes siempre serán bien recibidos, sin embargo esperamos su comprensión porque tendremos que balancear siempre con nuestros otros dos compromisos. Como ejemplos:

Odiamos hacer comparaciones, pero nuestro compromiso con la audiencia nos hace pensar en las comparaciones como una forma de solventar el problema de «escribir acerca de la música».

Así mismo no nos gusta decir cosas negativas: la música es tan bella cuando es hecha con cariño, pasión y conocimiento….. pero debemos permanecer honestos a nosotros mismos.

No nos gusta tardar mucho en escribir una reseña: a veces será necesario por el compromiso que sentimos hacia las bandas.

Esta página fué creada mientras se escuchaba «Into de Electric Caste» de Ayreon, especialmente el track «The Tunnel Of Light», que comienza con la siguiente frase:

«Regocíjense amigos! Ahora entrarán al Túnel de Luz. Dejen que el brillo impregne sus almas. Escojan. Su camino es incandescente».

Arjen Anthony Lucassen


El staff de eufOnia.

Licencia Creative Commons
el sitio de programas, noticias, reseñas y obituario de eufonía por el staff de eufOnia se distribuye bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional. Basada en una obra en http://eufonia.mx.

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