BestOf2016 pt 1

  1. Big Big Train [UK]
    Folklore (2016.05.27)
  2. iamthemorning [RU]
    Lighthouse (2016.04.01)
    “Lighthouse” (feat. Mariusz Duda)
  3. Haken [UK]
    Affinity (2016.04.29)
  4. Anderson/Stolt [UK/SE]
    Invention Of Knowledge (2016.06.24)
    “Everybody Heals”
  5. Radiohead [UK]
    A Moon Shaped Pool (2016.05.08)
    “The Numbers”
  6. Kansas [US]
    The Prelude Implicit (2016.09.23)
    “Crowded Isolation”
  7. Levin Minnemann Rudess [US/DE]
    From The Law Offices Of (2016.06.15)
    “Riff Splat”

Can’t get psychedelia out of our heads!

  1. Taipuva Loutisuora [FI]
    8 (2013)
    “Volantum Machina”
  2. Hexvessel [FI]
    When We Are Dead (2016)
    “Transparent Eyeball”
  3. Malady [FI]
    Malady (2015)
    “Pieniin Saariin”
  4. Graveyard [SE]
    Innocence & Decadence (2015)
    “Can’t Walk Out”
  5. Postures [SE]
    Postures (2013)
    “Heavy Tremor”
  6. Goat [SE]
    World Music (2012)
    “Det Som Aldrig Fordras/Diarab”
  7. Tusmørke [NO]
    Underjordisk Tusmørke (2012)

Psychedelia vol 2

  • Purson [UK]
    Desire’s Magic Theatre (2016)
    “Desire’s Magic Theatre”
  • Animal Collective [US]
    Painting With (2016)
    “Hocus Pocus”
  • Psychic TV [UK]
    Trip Reset (1995)
    “The La La Song”
  • Messenger [UK]
    Threnodies (2016)
    “Celestial Spheres”
  • The Asteroid No.4 [US]
    The Asteroid No.4 (2014)
    “The Ghosts Of Dos Erres”
  • Devendra Banhart [US]
    Cripple Crow (2005)
    “Cripple Crow (When They Come)”
  • Heavy Water Experiments [US]
    Get Drowned (2011)
  • Porcupine Tree [UK]
    Voyage 34 (2000)
    “Phase I”

Psychedelia vol 1

Hoy nos acompañaron Virginia y Abril Díaz…¡Gracias!

  1. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band [US]
    Vol. 2 (Breaking Through) (1967)
    “Smell Of Incense”
  2. The Shadows Of Knight [US]
    Back Door Man (1967)
    “The Behemoth”
  3. ? & The Mysterians [US]
    96 Tears (1966)
    “I Need Somebody”
  4. Magic Castles [US]
    Starflower (2015)
    “See Her Eyes In The Sky”
  5. Woods [US]
    City Sun Eater In The River Of The Light (2016)
    “The Take”
  6. Dungen [SE]
    Tio Bitar (2007)
  7. The Black Angels [US]
    Phosphene Dreams (2010)
    “Entrance Song”
  8. Black Mountain [US]
    IV (2016)
  9. Black Moth Super Rainbow [US]
    Eating Us (2010)
    “Iron Lemonade”
  10. Kadavar [DE]
    Berlin (2015)
    “Pale Blue Eyes”

A la izquierda del centro

  • Crippled Black Phoenix [UK]
    New Dark Age Tour EP (2015.11.27)
    “Spider Island”
  • St. Vincent [US]
    St. Vincent (2014.02.24)
    “Prince Johnny”
  • Motorpsycho [NO]
    Here Be Monsters (2016.02.12)
    “Spin, Spin, Spin”
  • Sólstafir [IS]
    Ótta (2014.08.29)
  • Mantra Vega [UK]
    The Illusion’s Reckoning (2016.01.25)
    “I’ve Seen Your Star”
  • Jaga Jazzist [NO]
    Firestar (2015.01.06)
  • Mew [DK]
    +- (2015.04.21)

Rescatando los 80’s … de Aló, Aló

Hoy celebró 8 años al aire el programa que sigue después del nuestro: Aló Aló Montevideo: un programa que tiene el don de colocar música de los 80’s de una decena de discos, repetirlos y repetirlos y seguir vigente en el aire… un abrazo fuerte para Fernando su conductor.

Decidimos rescatar la década de los 80’s para que el público no identifique la década sólo con lo que pone al aire Fernando :)… Esperamos se diviertan… nosotros lo hicimos… ¡Y de lo lindo!

  • Peter Gabriel [UK] Celebrando su cumpleaños 66 el sábado anterior
    So (1986.05.19)
    “This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)” con Laurie Anderson
  • Asia [UK]
    Alpha (1983.07.26)
    “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”
  • Genesis [UK]
    Duke (1980.03.28)
    “Turn It On Again”
  • Marillion [UK]
    Kayleigh Single (1985.04.07)
    “Lady Nina”
  • AC/DC [AU]
    Back In Black (1980.07.25)
    “Back In Black”
  • Jane’s Addiction [US]
    Nothing’s Shocking (1988.08.23)
    “Jane Says”
  • Rush [CA]
    Signals (1982.09.09)
    “New World Man”
  • Iron Maiden [UK]
    The Number Of The Beast (1982.03.22)
    “The Number Of The Beast”
  • The Cure [UK]
    Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987.05.05)
    “Just Like Heaven”
  • The Cult [UK]
    Love (1985.10.18)
    “She Sells Sanctuary”

Lastimosamente Gabriel todavía no se encuentra al 100% en Spotify…

In the beginning… there was a 2016

  • The Anchoress [UK]
    Confessions Of A Romance Novelist (2016.01.15)
    “Long Year”
  • Steven Wilson [UK]
    4 1/2 (2016.01.22)
    “My Book Of Regrets”
  • Tindersticks [UK]
    The Waiting Room (2016.01.22)
    “Hey Lucinda” (Dedicada a El Invernadero)
  • Suede [UK]
    Night Thoughts (2016.01.22)
    “I Don’t Know How To Reach You”
  • The Mute Gods [UK/DE]
    Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (2016.01.22)
    “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me”
  • Dream Theater [US]
    The Astonishing (2016.01.29)
    “A New Beginning”
  • DIIV [US]
    Is The Is Are (2016.02.05)
    “Waste Of Breathe”