12th Anniversary

  • Sigur Rós [IS]
    Ágætys byrjun (1999)
    “Ágætys byrjun”
  • Barra [UK] FRIENDS!
    Eternal Magus (2002)
    “Green Man”
  • Omni [ES] FRIENDS!
    Tras el puente (2000)
    “Vuelo nocturno”
  • James [UK]
    Getting Away With It… live (2002)
  • Jane’s Addiction [US]
    Jane’s Addiction (1987)
    “Jane Says”
  • Recreator [NL] FRIENDS!
    Solar Sahara (2000)
    “Solar Sahara”
  • Muse [UK]
    Black Holes And Revelations (2006)
  • Dark Stares [UK] FRIENDS!
    Tell Your Friends EP (2011)
    “Long Live The King”

12 years… a lot of time… Thank you!!!

Lo Mejor en Español (sin ningún orden)

  • Jumbo [MX]
    Alto al fuego (2011)
    “Alto al fuego”
  • Manolo García [ES]
    Los días intactos (2011)
    “Un giro teatral (acústico)”
  • Austin TV [MX]
    Caballeros del albedrío (2011)
    “Cisne de pan”
  • Sr. González y los cuates de la chamba [MX] FRIENDS!
    Un mundo frágil (2011)
    “Todo va a estar bien”
  • Nacho Umbert & la compañía [ES]
    No os creáis ni la mitad (2011)
    “Una chica espectacular”
  • Babasónicos [AR]
    A propósito (2011)
    “Muñeco de Haití”
  • Budget [MX]
    EP (2010)
    “Budget Theme”
  • Bam Bam [MX]
    Futura vía (2011)
    “Metatrón, hijo estelar”
  • Afonso André [MX]
    Cerro del aire (2011)

Lo mejor del 2011 (Parte 2)

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ver programa anterior para los 8 restantes…

Primer programa del año: Lo mejor del 2011

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Hail 2011!

  • Jane’s Addiction [US]
    The Great Escape Artist (2011)
    “Twisted Tales”
  • The Horrors [UK]
    Skying (2011)
    “Still Life”
  • Riverside [PL]
    Memories In My Head EP (2011)
    “Forgotten Land”
  • Philip Selway [UK]
    Familial (2010)
    “The Ties That Bind Us”
  • Anathema [UK]
    Falling Deeper (2011)
    “J’ai fait une promesse”
  • Steven Wilson [UK]
    Grace For Drowning (2011)
    “Deform To Form A Star”
  • Yes [UK]
    Fly From Here (2011)
    “Hour Of Need”

Re-issues, new stuff and more…

  • Milagres [US]
    Glowing Mouth (2011)
  • Nirvana [US]
    Nevermind (2011 original 1991)
    “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
  • Pearl Jam [US]
  • Deftones [US]
    Diamond Eyes (2010)
    “Diamond Eyes”
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds [UK]
    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (2011)
    “If I Had A Gun…”
  • Blackfield [UK|IL]
    Welcome To My DNA (2011)
  • Gomez [UK]
    Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline (2000)
    “Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here”
  • Spiritualized [UK]
    The Complete Works Volume Two (2004)

Lots of things have been happening…

  • Heavy Water Experiments [US]
    Get Drowned (2011)
    “Sounds Of The People Away”
  • North Sea Radio Orchestra [UK]
    I A Moon (2011)
    “Morpheus Miracle Maker”
  • Christina Rosenvinge [ES]
    Foreign Land (2002)
    “Lost In D”
  • Explosions In The Sky [US]
    Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)
    “Last Known Surroundings”
  • I Hear Sirens [US]
    I Hear Sirens EP (2008)
    “Like A Leaf From A Tree in Its Dying Season”
  • Thom Yorke [UK]
    Analyse Single (2006)
  • Eluvium [US]
    Copia (2007)
    “Radio Ballet”
  • Solstice Coil [IL]
    Natural Causes (2011)
    “I Know”