Chuy’s Back!

Hoy regresa Chuy Díaz, después de 7 años, al programa.
Día feliz para el resto del staff…


  • Tesseract [UK]
    Polaris (2015)
  • Iron Maiden [UK]
    The Book Of Souls (2015)
    “Empire Of The Clouds”
  • David Gilmour [UK]
    Rattle That Lock (2015)
  • Caspian [US]
    Dust And Disquiet (2015)
  • Spock’s Beard [US]
    The Oblivion Particle (2015)
    “A Better Way To Fly”
  • Kikagaku Moyo [JP]
    Kikagaku Moyo (2014)

A joyful night…

season 15. session 5. a joyful night…

  • Amplifier [UK]
    The Octopus (2011.01.21)
    “Golden Ratio”
  • Beardfish [SE]
    Sleeping In Traffic: Part One (2007)
    “The Ungodly Slob”
  • The Beta Band [UK]
    Champion Versions EP (1997.07.25)
    “Dry The Rain”
  • Big Big Train [UK]
    Far Skies Deep Time EP (2010)
    “Fat Billy Shouts Mine”
  • The Galileo 7 [UK]
    Are We Having Fun Yet? (2010.12.29)
    “Running Through Our Hands”
  • The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow [US]
    The House Of Apples & Eyeballs (2012)
    “Runite Castles”
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    So Tonight That I Might See (1993.10.05)
    “Fade Into You”
  • Pete Townshend [UK]
    Psychoderelectic (2006)
    “Outlive The Dinosaur”
  • Mothlite [UK]
    Dark Age (2012)
    “The Blood”


  • Led Zeppelin [UK]
    Houses Of The Holy (1973)
    “No Quarter”
  • Jouis [UK]
    Dojo (2014)
    “All That Is And Is One”
  • Nordic Giants [UK]
    Shine Single (2012)
    “Shine” (Acoustic)
  • Blueneck [UK]
    King Nine (2014)
    “Counting Out”
  • Asteroid No. 4 [US]
    Windmill Of The Autumn Sky (2013)
    “Rifles And Knives”
  • Nordic Giants [UK]
    Speed The Crows Nest Single (2013)
    “Glass Skined Girl”
  • Grand Island [NO]
    An Arctic Space Odyssey OST (2014)
    “True North”
  • Kasabian [UK]
    48:13 (2014)

Music for having fun

  • Henry Mancini & His Orchestra [US]
    The Party [Original Soundtrack] (1968)
    “The Party”
  • Propellerheads [US]
    Decksanddrumssandrockandroll (1998)
    “History Repeating” w/Shirley Bassey
  • Joe Bataan [US]
    Call My Soul (2004)
    “Chick A Boom”
  • Chris Joss [FR]
    You’ve Been Spiked (2004)
    “The Man With A Suitcase” (bonus)
  • Gabin [IT]
    Mr. Freedom (2004)
    “Into My Soul” w/Dee Dee Bridgewater
  • Combustible Edison [US]
    Four Rooms [Original Soundtrack] (1995)
    “Vertigogo” (Opening Theme)
  • Nortec Collective [MX]
    Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 (2005)
    “Tengo La Voz”
  • Instituto Mexicano del Sonido / Mexican Institute of Sound [MX]
    Méjico Máxico (2006)
    “Mirando a las muchachas”
  • Pharrell Williams [US]
    Despicable Me 2 [Original Soundtrack] (2013)


  • The Bookshop Band [UK]
    Travels From Your Armchair (2011)
    “Oh Saci!”
  • The Bookshop Band [UK]
    Revolutions (2012)
    “Up For Work”

13 Años: La adolescencia (niñez interrumpida)


Hoy celebramos 13 años al aire: Ya somos adolescentes en la radio. Presentamos lo que dañó nuestros cerebros durante la niñez y porqué es que hacemos lo que hacemos y escuchamos lo que escuchamos.

Gracias a todos quienes han estado cerca: Jesús Díaz, Jorge Salinas, Roberto Castro, Axayacatl Maqueda, Willy, Waldo, Ricardo y Manolo, el Lic. González y Marco. A las bandas y amigos que nos han acompañado: Sr. González, Patrick Moraz, Haggard, Cabezas de Cera, Círculos de Nada, Kari Rueslatten, Marillion (Pete Trewavas y Mark Kelly), Elfonía, IQ, David Adrían, Alex Millán, Marcela Bovio, Rush Monterrey Tribute, Jon Anderson, Mack Maloney, Godsticks, Urusen, Poncho, Paqui, Tury, Fido y muchos, muchos más. Los sellos como Elektrohasch, Cuneiform Records, ProgRock Records, Galileo Records, Unicorn Digital, Musea, Moonjune y muchos, muchos más. Ha sido y será siempre una dicha estar cerca de ustedes.

  • Simon & Garfunkel [US]
    The Graduate OST (1968)
    “Mrs. Robinson” (Charly)
  • OhioExpress [US]
    Ohio Express (1968)
    “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy” (Charly)
  • La Joven Guardia [AR]
    El extraño del pelo largo (1969)
    “El extraño del pelo largo” (Ciro)
  • Pearl Jam [US]
    Lost Dogs (2003)
    “Last Kiss”  [Orig. Wayne Cochran – Last Kiss Single – 1961] (Ciro)
  • Cat Stevens [US]
    Teaser And The Firecat (1971)
    “Moonshadow” (Charly)
  • The Beatles [UK]
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
    “A Day In The Life” (Charly)
  • Gordon Lightfoot [CA]
    Sundown (1974)
    “Sundown” (Ciro)
  • The 5th Dimension [US]
    The Age Of Aquarius (1969)
    “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In” (Ciro)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival [US]
    Bayou Country (1969)
    “Born On The Bayou” (Charly)
  • Paul & Linda McCartney [UK]
    RAM (1971)
    “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” (Ciro)

Untitled / No Subject

  • Dave Davies [UK]
    Transformation – Live At The Alex Teathre (2003)
    “You Really Got Me”
  • Gary Wright [US]
    The Dream Weaver (1975)
    “Love Is Alive” 
  • Genesis [UK]
    Genesis Archive 1967-1975 (1998)
    “Dusk (Demo version 1969)”
  • Kari Rueslåtten [NO] FRIEND!
    Spindelsinn (1997)
  • Li Troubaires de Coumboscuro [IT]
    A toun souléi (2012)
    “La pour”
  • León Larregui [MX]
    Solstis (2012)
    “Aurora Boreal”
  • Mediæval Bæbes [UK]
    Mistletoe And Wine (2003)
    “Blow Northern Wind”
  • Neve [US]
    The Catherine Wheel Cover Compilation (CWCC) #1 (2003)
  • Julian Lennon [UK]
    Valotte (1984)
    “Too Late For Goodbyes”

Apropos what?

  • Jack Drag [US]
    Soft Songs LP: Aviating (2000)
    “At The Symphony, I Could Be” 
  • Orange Black [BE]
    Bright Lights (2000)
    “Sad Joke” 
  • Tarwater [DE]
    Animals Sun & Atoms (2000)
    “At Low Frequency” 
  • Bush [UK]
    Sixteen Stone (1994)
  • Camille Yarbrough [US]
    The Iron Pot Cooker (1975)
    “Take Yo’ Praise”
  • Richard Berry [US]
    Louie Louie Single
    “Louie Louie” 
  • !!! [US]
    Take Ecstasy with Me/Get Up EP (2005)
    “Take Ecstasy With Me”
  • Boards Of Canada [UK]
    The Campfire Headphase (2005)
    “Peacock Tail”
  • Sodastream [AU]
    The Hill For Company (2001)
    “Trouble On The Railway”
  • Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions [US]
    Bavarian Fruit Bread (2001)
    “On The Low”