12th Anniversary

  • Sigur Rós [IS]
    Ágætys byrjun (1999)
    «Ágætys byrjun»
  • Barra [UK] FRIENDS!
    Eternal Magus (2002)
    «Green Man»
  • Omni [ES] FRIENDS!
    Tras el puente (2000)
    «Vuelo nocturno»
  • James [UK]
    Getting Away With It… live (2002)
  • Jane’s Addiction [US]
    Jane’s Addiction (1987)
    «Jane Says»
  • Recreator [NL] FRIENDS!
    Solar Sahara (2000)
    «Solar Sahara»
  • Muse [UK]
    Black Holes And Revelations (2006)
  • Dark Stares [UK] FRIENDS!
    Tell Your Friends EP (2011)
    «Long Live The King»

12 years… a lot of time… Thank you!!!