Psychedelia vol 1

Hoy nos acompañaron Virginia y Abril Díaz…¡Gracias!

  1. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band [US]
    Vol. 2 (Breaking Through) (1967)
    «Smell Of Incense»
  2. The Shadows Of Knight [US]
    Back Door Man (1967)
    «The Behemoth»
  3. ? & The Mysterians [US]
    96 Tears (1966)
    «I Need Somebody»
  4. Magic Castles [US]
    Starflower (2015)
    «See Her Eyes In The Sky»
  5. Woods [US]
    City Sun Eater In The River Of The Light (2016)
    «The Take»
  6. Dungen [SE]
    Tio Bitar (2007)
  7. The Black Angels [US]
    Phosphene Dreams (2010)
    «Entrance Song»
  8. Black Mountain [US]
    IV (2016)
  9. Black Moth Super Rainbow [US]
    Eating Us (2010)
    «Iron Lemonade»
  10. Kadavar [DE]
    Berlin (2015)
    «Pale Blue Eyes»

A joyful night…

season 15. session 5. a joyful night…

  • Amplifier [UK]
    The Octopus (2011.01.21)
    «Golden Ratio»
  • Beardfish [SE]
    Sleeping In Traffic: Part One (2007)
    «The Ungodly Slob»
  • The Beta Band [UK]
    Champion Versions EP (1997.07.25)
    «Dry The Rain»
  • Big Big Train [UK]
    Far Skies Deep Time EP (2010)
    «Fat Billy Shouts Mine»
  • The Galileo 7 [UK]
    Are We Having Fun Yet? (2010.12.29)
    «Running Through Our Hands»
  • The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow [US]
    The House Of Apples & Eyeballs (2012)
    «Runite Castles»
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    So Tonight That I Might See (1993.10.05)
    «Fade Into You»
  • Pete Townshend [UK]
    Psychoderelectic (2006)
    «Outlive The Dinosaur»
  • Mothlite [UK]
    Dark Age (2012)
    «The Blood»

Post Punk and Other Stuff

Gracias a que fue mi cumpleaños recientemente (Grillo) me dieron ganas de poner algo de post-punk. Espero que les haya gustado el programa. Revisen el podcast.

  • In Flagranti
    Brash and Vulgar
    “Pick a Trick”
  • Spoon
    Dark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation)
  • Paper
    An Object
    “Before That Day”
  • Friendly Fires
    Friendly Fires
    “White Diamonds”
  • Sleepy Sun
    “White Dove”
  • Julian Plenti
    Julian Plenti is … Skyscraper
    “The Fun That We Have”
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow
    Eating Us
    “Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise”
  • Four Tet
    “You Could Ruin My Day”

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Hoy el grillo nos entretuvo con toda clase de electrónica y variantes. Rejoyce!

  • Van She
    «So High»
  • Altair Nouveau
    Dark Energy
  • Arovane
  • Gang Gang Dance
    Saint Dymphna
    «First Communion»
  • Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics
    Inspiration Information 3
    «Addis Black Widow»
  • Alias
    «Death Watch»
  • Alexandroid
    Lo Compilation Mix By Susumu Yokota
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow
  • Rush
    Caress Of Steel
    «I Think I’m Going Bald»

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