• Amplifier [UK]
    The Octopus (2011)
    “Minion’s Song”
  • Big Big Train [UK]
    The Difference Machine (2007)
    “Summer’s Lease”
  • Carpet [DE]
    Elysian Pleasures (2013)
    “Man Changing The Atoms”
  • Flor de Loto [PE]
    Mundos Bizarros (2009)
  • Poor Genetic Material [DE]
    A Day In June (2013)
    “Wandering Rocks”
  • Quiet Company [US]
    We Are All Where We Belong
    “Preaching The Choir Invisible, Part 1”
  • Solstice [UK]
    Spirit (2010)
  • Strawberry Alarm Clock [US]
    Wake Up Where You Are (2012)