Post Rock

  1. Explosions In The Sky
    All Of A Sudden, I Missed Everyone
    «The Birth And Death Of The Day»
  2. Cerberus Shoal
    And Farewell To Hightide
    «Lighthouse In Athens Pt. 1»
  3. Austin TV
    Fontana Bella
    «Nadie Está Aquí, No Hay Nadie Aquí, Nada Hay Aquí»
  4. Manta Ray
    Torres De Electricidad
    «Torres De Electricidad»
  5. Magoo
    The All Electric Amusement Arcade
    «The Bird Song»

Summer Breeze I: Ciro Velázquez

A three part show miniseries, where we present what we recommend for this summertime, no matter if it’s new or old. It’s just because we liked it… it’s our selection, enjoy

  • The Vines
    Winning Days
    «She’s Got Something To Say»

  • «Kaleydoscope»
  • Cerberus Shoal
    … And Farewell To HighTide
    «Lighthouse In Athens»
  • Christina Rosenvinge
    Frozen Pool
    «As The Wind Blows»
  • Clearlake
    «You Can’t Have Me»
  • The Future Sound Of London
    The Issness
  • Sound Tribe Sector 9
    Interplanetary Escape Vehicle
  • My Morning Jacket
    My Morning Jacket/Songs:Ohia Split EP
    «O Is The One That Is Real»
  • Snow Patrol
    Final Straw
    «Spitting Game»
  • Swell
    Whenever You’re Ready
    «Word Gifts»
  • Yo La Tengo
    Summer Sun
    «Don’t Have To Be So Sad»
  • Tindersticks
    Can Our Love…
    «Sweet Release»
  • Jet Jaguar
    Nowhere Together
    «Sugar Sweet»
  • The International Noise Conspiracy
    A New Morning
    «Bigger Cages, Longer Chains»
  • Absinthe Blind
    «Inside My Mirror»
  • South