Amigos Showcase Winter-Spring 07

We remember you, as always, that if you decide to contact any band or label, tell them that you listen them or their material in eufOnia, or read about it in our site. We thank you for this and it helps us to bring you more and better music every monday.

Thanks to all the bands and labels that trust us and our project!

Ganadores de los pases dobles para Béla Fleck & The Flecktones este 14 de Marzo de 2007 en el Teatro de la Ciudad a las 20:30.

  • María Fernanda Loera García
  • Jesús Blanco Durán

Gracias por participar y disfruten mucho el concierto

  • The Road
    Drift (Independiente, 2006)
  • Blue Drift
    Mariner (Independiente, 2005)
    “Nuclear Train”
  • Iona
    The Circling Hour (Open Sky, 2006)
    “Wind, Water & Fire – Fire”
  • Alcibiades Jones
    Socrates Blues (Refraction Mirage, 2007)
    “Neapolitan Sky”
  • Gino Foti
    Orbis Terrarum (Net Dot Music, 2006)
    “Privilege Of The Strong”
  • Sympozion
    Kundabuffer (Unicorn, 2006)
  • Chris Miles
    Our Lady Of Singularities (Fossil Records, 2002)
    “Images From A Walk With Bruno Of Nola”
  • Panzer Ballet
    Panzer Ballet (Badland Records, 2005)
  • Greylevel
    Opus One (Progrock Records, 2006)
  • The Mahavishnu Project
    The Emerald Beyond (Cuneiform Records, 2006)
    “Eternity’s Breath”

Electroethereal soundscapes

  • Pepe Maina
    Winged Fever (2003 Nonsense Studio)
    “Mirage” (Track 4/7:54)
  • Chris Miles
    Our Lady Of Singularities (2002 Fossil Records)
    “La Treizieme Revient…”
  • Mountain Mirrors
    Improvisations From A Void (2002 Independiente)
    Sidewinder (Track 3/3:21)
  • Gordon Reid
    Aliens (2000, Deja Vu)
    “Grace Under Pressure” (Track 7/7:02)
  • Soniq Theater
    Soniq Theater (2001, Independiente)
    “The Riders Of Rohan” (Track 14/7:00)
  • Jean-Luc H. Berthelot/Tales
    The Seskian Wars (2001, Somewhere In Time)
    “The Vashkan Rebellion” (Track 5/12:12)
  • Ozone Player
    É (2002, Visual Power)
    “The Runner” + “Broken Code” (Tracks 4 + 5/10:31)
  • Mark Dwane
    (1998, DCC)
    “Pyramids Of Mars” (Track 2/7:00)
  • No Strings
    The Princess & The Suits (2001, Independiente)
    “Dance Of The Candy Fair (Intro)” + “Holly’s Walk” (Tracks 1 + 2/5:13)