Just sit and listen!

  • The Cave Singers [US]
    No Witch (2011)
  • Mogwai [UK]
    Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (2011)
    “White Noise”
  • Kurt Vile [US]
    Smoke Ring For My Halo (2011)
    “Ghost Town”
  • Radiohead [UK]
    The King Of Limbs (2011)
    “Lotus Flower”
  • Elbow [UK]
    Build A Rocket Boys! (2011)
    “The Birds”
  • Paul Turner [NZ]
    Another World (2010)
  • Cynic [US]
    Re-Traced (2010)
    “Space” <<Just to disturb you|sólo para sacarte de onda>>
  • The Acorn [CA]
    No Ghost Beast Sides (2010)
    “Pigeon Toes”

On my own…

  • La Barranca [MX]
    Piedad Ciudad (2010)
  • The Love Language [US]
    Libraries (2010)
    “Brittany’s Back”
  • Kurt Vile [US]
    Square Shells (2010)
    “Invisibility: Nonexistent”
  • Hooray For Earth [US]
    Momo (2010)
    “Surrounded By Your Friends”
  • David Rhodes [UK]
    Bittersweet (2010)
    “All I Know”
  • Cynic [US]
    Re-Traced EP (2010)
  • Stick Men [UK]
    Soup (2010)