eufOnia Friends Showcase

Some of the best music I’ve heard lately… (Chuy)

  • The Deserts of Traun/The Lilac Moon/The gift of the whirlpool vortex-Longing and Forseeing-The uncompromising blizzard. (dav19pt5@hotmail.comm)Metal ambient jazz fusión desde los Estados Unidos
    Metal ambient jazz fusion from the USA
  • Subterranean Masquerade/Suspended Animation Dreams/No place like home. (
  • Dreadnaught/Live at Mojo/Clownhead. (
  • Little Atlas/Wanderlust/On and on. (
  • Ephemeral Sun/Broken Door/…Winter has no mercy. (
  • Bauer/Astronauta Olvidado/De las nubes al sol, del sol al espacio, del espacio al vacio. ( mezcla de Radiohead y Sigur Rós desde Argentina
    A blend of Radiohead & Sigur Rós from Argentina
  • Votchi/Unicorn/Change myself ( la república Checa, hard rock progresivo
    From Czec Republic, progressive hard rock… cool
  • Unisphere/Le Voyage De L’Enfant Lune/Quand je serai grand. ( progressive World Music with an attitude from Quebec, Canada
    World Music progresiva fusionada y con actitud, desde Quebèc en Canadá
  • KLIMT1918/Undressed Momento/Pale Song (the art records 2005) ( Italia, goth/rock/pop/hard de una banda excelente
    From Italy, a goth/rock/pop in a superb band¿Lo buscas en México? búscalo en
  • The Reverse Engineers/MaxQ/Be Here Tonight (indep 2004)( a la Rush desde los Estados Unidos
    USA «rushed» rock…
  • Alcibiades Jones/Refraction Mirage/Aristotle Blues (refraction mirage 2005) ( jazz, ear and mind friendly
  • Megahertz/Estetica/Don’t Leave Me Cold (essequattro music, 2004) ( italiano
    electropop from Italy
  • Karin Höghielm/Apocryphal/Miller In Memoriam (sarart, 2005)
  • Miosótis/O Monstro E A Sereia/TerraÇo

Te recordamos que si te gustó algun track y decides contactar a la banda, en la medida de tus posibilidades, te pedimos que indiques que los escuchaste en eufOnia, el otro sonido de la música

Please, if you liked any track, and decide to contact the bands, we ask you to let the bands note that you listen to them at eufOnia, the other sound of music