Hoy tuvimos de todo, por lo que el programa no trató de nada. Aprendiendo a disfrutar lo que caiga…

  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience [UK/US]
    Electrick Ladyland (1968)
    “Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)”
  • Red Sparowes [US]
    The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer (2010)
    “A Mutiny”
  • God Is An Astronaut [IE]
    God Is An Astronaut (2008)
    (Check Next Week for the latest Album: Age Of The Fifth Sun)
  • Doves [UK]
    Lost Sides (2003)
    “Willow’s Song”
  • Transmission [UK]
    Sublimity (2008)
  • Gabin + Dee Dee Bridgewater [IT/US]
    Into My Soul EP (2004)
    “Into My Soul”
  • Turin Brakes [UK]
    Sea Change Single (2010)
    “Sea Change”
  • Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions [US]
    Through The Devil Softly (2009)
    “For The Rest Of Your Life”

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Transgression Metal

Programa dedicado al post… al ruido… a la estridencia… lo duro… un metal de avanzada.

Se agradece, como siempre, al Paqui por su intervención y producción de este su programa… thanx Paqui Stan….

  • Baroness [US]
    Red Album (Relapse, 2007)
    “Wailing Wintry Wind”
  • Maudlin Of The Well [US]
     Leaving Your Body Map (2001)
    “Gleam In Ranks”
  • Neurosis [US]
    Given To The Rising (2007)
    “Given To The Rising”
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra [SE]
    The Butcher’s Ballroom (Gillioutine, 2006)
    “Pink Noise Waltz”
  • Alchemist [AU]
    Eclectic (2000)
  • God Is An Astronaut [IE]
    Far From Refuge (Revive 2007)
    “Far From Refuge”
  • Russian Circles [US]
    Enter (2006)
    “Death Rides A Horse”