Avant beats from here and there…

Hola! Hemos recibido toneladas de música en los últimos 6 años. Radiaremos aquí algunos tracks que muestran la calidad de la música independiente actual, de todos los rincones de la tierra, y con todos los estilos y géneros musicales. Esperemos que disfruten este programa tanto como nosotro disfrutamos haciéndolo.

Hi there! There are tons and tons of music that we have received during the last 6 years, here are some tracks that show the quality of independent music out there, from every corner of the world and lots of styles and musical genres. Hope you enjoy this show as much as we did making it.

  • All India Radio “For Angel (All India Radio vs Don Meers mix)” [track 7, 4:19] Permanent Evolutions [Inevitable, 2006]
    superb avant electropop from Australia
  • Pangolin Band “TRB” [track 1, 5:12] TRB [Independiente, 2005]
    avant rock pop
  • The Roebucks “Heyhey Rock & Roll” [track 2, 3:48] The Roebucks EP [SomaRecords, 2005]
    good ol’ rock&roll as we like it… from Switzerland
  • Trio96 “Improvisation (Bradford)” [track 4, 6:48] Duo’03 [Musea/Poseidon, 2004]
    jam avant prog jazz from Japan
  • Beardfish “Now” [disc 2, track 10, 6:38] The Sane Day [Independiente, 2005]
    avant prog from Sweden… cool!
  • Kari Rueslåtten “Sorrow To My Door” [track 2, 3:31] Other People’s Stories [The Art Records, 2005]
    our lady of the voice from Norway on an avant pop/rock record
  • Catdesigners “Strange Little Creature” [track 3, 4:15] Strange Little Creature [GooglieMooglie, 2004]
    avant britpop from (where else?) the UK
  • Lanterna “End Of The Tunnel” [track 1, ] Scenic/Lanterna live recordings [Independent Project/Parasol, 1997]
    desert rock from the US
  • Scenic “Angelica” Scenic/Lanterna live recordings [Independent Project/Parasol, 1997]
    desert rock from the US…fathers of the genre
  • F5 “Bleeding” [track 5, ] A Drug For All Seasons [Independiente, 2005]
    American metal
  • Pax Romana “Moonlight Meadow” [track 5, 6:33] Trace Of Light [Wolfgang Records, 2005]
    Soft Prog from Finland… Yes style…check it!
  • Lars Boutrup “Emersong” [track 6, 6:53] Music For Keyboards [Excess Records, 2005]
    keyboard prog from Denmark
  • The Monorail “Day Lilies” [track 3, ] Visit Pellmell (w/People Chasing People) [Milquetoast, 2005]

On rotation on Frecuencia Tec: New Age + Jazz + World (starting Jun 20)

We’ll inform you (both our audience at Frecuencia Tec and at our show eufOnia) the music programmed to be aired mainly from 0:00 to 2:00 Mexico Time (6:00 to 8:00 GMT)This is the new age + jazz + soundtrack music programming
  • Gordon Reid (UK): “The Sea Dragons” + “Grace Under Pressure” from Aliens (Deja Vu)
  • Steve Hahn (USA): “Stickburst” + “Norwegian Wood/Vampire” + “Birdland” from Stickburst (Deep Chocolate)
  • Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson (Finland): “El Hadji” + “Grey Friar Square” + “After Rain Comes Shine” from Back To The Present (Olafsongs)
  • Haiku (Argentina):”Ondinas” + “Las Voces De Otoño” + “Las Voces De Un Río” from Las Voces De Un Río (Gobi)
  • Patrick Moraz (Switzerland): “Sundance” + “Coloids Bounce Around” + “Bird On A Wire” from Resonance (Awaka)
  • Michael Thomas Berkley (USA): “Tectonics” + “The Birth Of Rain” + “Humanity” from Images From Earth (Numinous)
  • Dreamland (USA): “Brief Moon” + “Underwater Pt 3: Echolocation” from Underwader (Dogfingers)
  • Olyam (France): “Orpheus Comes On Earth” + “Seven Strings” from Orpheus The Initiate (Dreaming/Musea)
  • Metamorphosis (Switzerland) [AOR] : “New Lords” + “No One’s Home” + “Another Day” from After All These Years (Independent)
  • Pepe Maina (Italia): “Windy Days” + “Magic Shadows” + “Strange Days” from Moonless Cafe (Nonsense)
  • Krakatoa (USA) [Post-Rock]: “The Messenger Is Missing” from Togetherness (Etherdrag)
  • Kooch (Iran/UK): “Baran” + “Boro Amma Bedan” from Zemzeme (Independent)
  • Ozone Player: “Casino Mobile” + “A Shortcut To Nowhere” from Insane Logic (Visual Power/ncb)
  • Neumeria (Australia): “Goodbye” + “Open Sky” from Coriolis (WhiteStudios)
  • Recreator (Holland): “Ancestral Space” + “Listening Stone” + “Earth Links” from Solar Sahara (FMR)
  • Cinnamonia (Deutschland): “In The Nick Of Time” + “She Moved Thru The Fair” from Scarlet Sea (QuiXote)
  • Kim Cannan (Australia): “Bronze Flame” + “The Refreshing” +”Strategies” from Intrinsic (Independent)
  • Paranoise (USA) [Ethnic Rock]: “Evil vs. Evil” + “Constant Fear” + “Structural Adjustment” from Private Power (Ancient); “Mondanabosh/Quasida An-Nabi” + “Ishq” from Ishq (Ancient)
  • Scenic (USA) [Instr Rock]: “Angelica” + “Dronia” from In Live Performance (Parasol/Independent Project)
  • Lanterna (USA) [Instr Rock]: “End Of The Tunnel” + “Dragon Season” from In Live Performance (Parasol/Independent Project)
  • Mortaiko Japanese Drummers: “Chowa Undo” + “Noelani” + “Aki No Kaze” from The Sounds of Earth Day (check www.earthdaysac.org and help)
  • Annie Haslam (UK): “Precious One” + “Ananda” + “Michael” + “Summon The Angels” from The Dawn Of Ananda (WhiteDove)

Thanks to the bands and labels for keep sending their music!
Stay cool…


My playlist this week

Hi there, here I am investigating about how to implement Oracle Web Services and preparing for a consulting on the Oracle Portal solution.
I’m about to quit my online pdf readings, but I remembered the blog (again)

Here’s my playlist for this week

  • Tindersticks: Can Our Love’s “Sweet Release” (the 8+ minutes real thing) [crooner alt]
  • The Warlocks: Phoenix Album’s “Hurricane Heart Attack” [plain good retro rock with attitude]
  • Lanterna: Sand’s “Windward” [cool instrumental desert rock]
  • Yo La Tengo: I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One’s “Autumn Sweater” [great post psych pop track from Indie’s prime band, listen to the bass line, the percussion and keyboards… another Tomorrow Never Knows influencee… from the beginning]
  • The Decemberists: Picaresque’s “16 Military Wives” [kind of indie anthemic parade track in this great and -as usual- very literate album]
  • Gallygows: Give It To Her’s “Mer-lines” [my first encounter with this (I don’t know if they’re still working] spanish, english-lyrics indie band, sounds great]
  • Izz: Ampersand Vol 1’s: “Ancient Memory” [stylish progressive pop/rock from our prog friends. We haven’t received this album from them yet]

Also I’m still listening to Fritz Doddy’s “A Feeling Of Far”, have bought the spanish band Los Planetas “vs La Ley De La Gravedad” fine album. And hooked by “Scarborough Fair” and “Cat’s In The Cradle” tunes… (specially a solo live version of Art Garfunkel for the first one, and an acordion-based version of Ricky Scaggs for the second one).

Stay in touch, stay cool…