Received Music – Rock

  1. Tinariwen [Mali]
    Aman Iman (2007)
    «Tamatant Tilay»
  2. Rock Modo [Canada]
    Alien At The Wheel (2005)
    «Don’t Think Just Do»
  3. Tribe 11 [Canada]
    Six Degrees Of Desperation (2005)
    «The Verge Of My Barely Letting Go»
  4. Astronaut 7 [Australia]
    Big In Japan (2005)
    «Wanting» ( not working)
  5. Lady Lake [Holanda/The Netherlands]
    Supercleandreammachine (2006)
    «The Chief»
  6. Mango [USA]
    An Experiment In Transfiguration (1998)
  7. A Cool Devotion [Italia]
    Bleedthrough (2005)
    «Fly Over Me»
  8. Portugal, The Man [USA]
    Church Mouth (2007)
    «Bellies Are Full»

Music received | Música recibida 02.05.05 – 06.05.05

We received the following material: Recibimos el siguiente material:

  • Klangbad: «First Steps»
  • Arms Of Kismet: «Cutting Room Rug»
  • The Westport Sunrise Sessions: «The Westport Sunrise Sessions»
  • Captain Bringdown: «Captain Bringdown»
  • Backworldsmen: «Backworldsmen»
  • Thinking Fellers Union Local: «Bob Dinners And Larry Noodles Present Tubby Turdner’s Celebrity Avalanche»
  • Aqi Fzono: «Chronicle Movement 3»
  • Tiny: «Harbinger»
  • Mango: «An Experiment In Transfiguration»

Thanks to the bands and the label Diablo Dulce for their trust in this project. Thanks for your music. We’ll make our best to spread it on airwaves!