A joyful night…

season 15. session 5. a joyful night…

  • Amplifier [UK]
    The Octopus (2011.01.21)
    “Golden Ratio”
  • Beardfish [SE]
    Sleeping In Traffic: Part One (2007)
    “The Ungodly Slob”
  • The Beta Band [UK]
    Champion Versions EP (1997.07.25)
    “Dry The Rain”
  • Big Big Train [UK]
    Far Skies Deep Time EP (2010)
    “Fat Billy Shouts Mine”
  • The Galileo 7 [UK]
    Are We Having Fun Yet? (2010.12.29)
    “Running Through Our Hands”
  • The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow [US]
    The House Of Apples & Eyeballs (2012)
    “Runite Castles”
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    So Tonight That I Might See (1993.10.05)
    “Fade Into You”
  • Pete Townshend [UK]
    Psychoderelectic (2006)
    “Outlive The Dinosaur”
  • Mothlite [UK]
    Dark Age (2012)
    “The Blood”

Mixing whatever we have (Open Mic)

  • Cherry Choke [UK] FRIENDS!
    A Night In The Arms Of Venus (2011)
    “Winchester Geese”
  • Civil Twilight [ZA]
    Holy Weather (2012)
    “Holy Weather”
  • Spiro [UK]
    Lightbox (2009)
    “The Darkling Plains”
  • Alcest [FR]
    Les Voyages de l’Âme (2012)
    “Autre Temps”
  • Bloc Party [UK]
    Silent Alarm (2005)
    “Helicopter” Gracias a Kenneth!… ¿Qué onda con el Kenneth?
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    Common Burn/Lay Myself Down Single (2011)
    “Common Burn”
  • Bush [UK]
    The Sea Of Memories (2011)
    “The Sound Of Winter”
  • Iarla Ó Lionáird [IE]
    Foxlight (2011)
    “For The Heavens”
  • Burial [UK]
    Kindred EP (2012)

Agradecemos la presencia de Kenneth Balderas en cabina… a ver si quiere continuar…

Open Mic… from the audio room

  • Pulp [UK]
    We Love Life (Polygram, 2001)
    “The Trees”
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    So  Tonight Thar I Might See (Capitol, 1993)
    “Into Dust”
  • South [UK]
    With The Tides (Kinetic, 2003)
    “9 Lives”
  • The Beta Band [UK]
    Heroes To Zeros (Astralwerks/Regal, 2004)
  • Catherine Wheel [UK]
    Happy Days (Mercury, 1995)
    “Fizzy Love”
  • The Reindeer Section [UK]
    Ya’ll Get Scared Now, Ya’Hear! (Bright Star, 2001)
  • Savage Republic [US] FRIENDS!
    Live Recordings 1981-85 (Independent Project, 2000)
  • The American Analog Set [US]
    Set Free (Arts & Crafts, 2005)
    “Fuck This, I’m Leaving”
  • Scenic [US] FRIENDS!
    Acquatica (Independent Project, 2001)
    “All Fish Go To Heaven”

Open Mic

  • Engineers [UK]
    Three Fact Fader (2009)
    “Clean Coloured Wire”
  • A Perfect Circle [US]
    Thirteen Step (2003)
    “A Stranger”
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    So Tonight That I Might See
    “Into Dust” (1993)
  • The Dandy Warhols [US]
    Welcome To The Monkey House (2003)
    “Plan A”
  • Kasabian [UK]
    Empire (2006)
    “Me Plus One”
  • (The) Verve [UK]
    A Storm In Heaven (1993)
    “Slide Away”
  • Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation [UK]
    Mighty Rearranger (2005)
    “Dancing In Heaven”
  • Shearwater [US]
    Winged Life (2004)
    “A Hush”
  • Meredith Bragg [US]
    Silver Sonya (2007)
    “My Absent Will”
  • Rainbow
    Live in Munich 1977 (2007)
    “Kill The King”

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