On rotation on Frecuencia Tec: New Age + Jazz + World (starting Jun 20)

We’ll inform you (both our audience at Frecuencia Tec and at our show eufOnia) the music programmed to be aired mainly from 0:00 to 2:00 Mexico Time (6:00 to 8:00 GMT)This is the new age + jazz + soundtrack music programming
  • Gordon Reid (UK): “The Sea Dragons” + “Grace Under Pressure” from Aliens (Deja Vu)
  • Steve Hahn (USA): “Stickburst” + “Norwegian Wood/Vampire” + “Birdland” from Stickburst (Deep Chocolate)
  • Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson (Finland): “El Hadji” + “Grey Friar Square” + “After Rain Comes Shine” from Back To The Present (Olafsongs)
  • Haiku (Argentina):”Ondinas” + “Las Voces De Otoño” + “Las Voces De Un Río” from Las Voces De Un Río (Gobi)
  • Patrick Moraz (Switzerland): “Sundance” + “Coloids Bounce Around” + “Bird On A Wire” from Resonance (Awaka)
  • Michael Thomas Berkley (USA): “Tectonics” + “The Birth Of Rain” + “Humanity” from Images From Earth (Numinous)
  • Dreamland (USA): “Brief Moon” + “Underwater Pt 3: Echolocation” from Underwader (Dogfingers)
  • Olyam (France): “Orpheus Comes On Earth” + “Seven Strings” from Orpheus The Initiate (Dreaming/Musea)
  • Metamorphosis (Switzerland) [AOR] : “New Lords” + “No One’s Home” + “Another Day” from After All These Years (Independent)
  • Pepe Maina (Italia): “Windy Days” + “Magic Shadows” + “Strange Days” from Moonless Cafe (Nonsense)
  • Krakatoa (USA) [Post-Rock]: “The Messenger Is Missing” from Togetherness (Etherdrag)
  • Kooch (Iran/UK): “Baran” + “Boro Amma Bedan” from Zemzeme (Independent)
  • Ozone Player: “Casino Mobile” + “A Shortcut To Nowhere” from Insane Logic (Visual Power/ncb)
  • Neumeria (Australia): “Goodbye” + “Open Sky” from Coriolis (WhiteStudios)
  • Recreator (Holland): “Ancestral Space” + “Listening Stone” + “Earth Links” from Solar Sahara (FMR)
  • Cinnamonia (Deutschland): “In The Nick Of Time” + “She Moved Thru The Fair” from Scarlet Sea (QuiXote)
  • Kim Cannan (Australia): “Bronze Flame” + “The Refreshing” +”Strategies” from Intrinsic (Independent)
  • Paranoise (USA) [Ethnic Rock]: “Evil vs. Evil” + “Constant Fear” + “Structural Adjustment” from Private Power (Ancient); “Mondanabosh/Quasida An-Nabi” + “Ishq” from Ishq (Ancient)
  • Scenic (USA) [Instr Rock]: “Angelica” + “Dronia” from In Live Performance (Parasol/Independent Project)
  • Lanterna (USA) [Instr Rock]: “End Of The Tunnel” + “Dragon Season” from In Live Performance (Parasol/Independent Project)
  • Mortaiko Japanese Drummers: “Chowa Undo” + “Noelani” + “Aki No Kaze” from The Sounds of Earth Day (check www.earthdaysac.org and help)
  • Annie Haslam (UK): “Precious One” + “Ananda” + “Michael” + “Summon The Angels” from The Dawn Of Ananda (WhiteDove)

Thanks to the bands and labels for keep sending their music!
Stay cool…


Michael Thomas Berkley: Images From Earth

michaelthomasberkley imagesfromearth

Michael Thomas Berkley
Images From Earth, A History Of The Planet Through Music
(Numinous Records)
[electroacoustic ambient]
Tracks @ MySpace:
Eval: 4/5


  1. Dawn [Year 0] (5:51)
  2. Tectonics [Year 800,000] (2:32)
  3. Haunted In The Clouds [Year 1,300,000] (4:11)
  4. The Birth Of Rain [Year 1,400,000] (3:20)
  5. Suspended In The Womb [Year 3,900,000] (7:31)
  6. Liquid Canopy [Year 4,200,000] (4:41)
  7. Dinosaurs [Year 4,380,000] (5:57)
  8. Wave On Wave [Year 4,535,000] (4:55)
  9. The Emergence Of Man [Year 4,598,600] (4:11)
  10. Humanity [Year 4,599,960] (6:19)
  11. Between Terror And Hope [Year 4,600,000] (5:10)
  12. Beyond  


El subtítulo “Una historia del planeta a través de la música” y un “sticker” con la leyenda “Lo que ‘Cosmos’ de Carl Sagan fue para la TV, es este CD para la música” bien pueden describir este disco.

Michael Thomas Berkley, acompañado de excelentes músicos, a través de samples, teclados, percusiones de varios tipos, efectos, así como violines, violines eléctricos, voces (a veces al estilo de Jorge Reyes) flautas y guitarras eléctricas, nos lleva a “escuchar” el nacimiento de nuestro planeta (la primera luz) en la atmosférica Dawn, la violencia de la formación de los continentes en Tectonics, pasando por la generación de la atmósfera y las primeras lluvias en la excelente The Birth Of Rain (que asocié -recuerden, sin comparaciones- a los scores de Stewart Copeland, en especial Noah’s Ark) y el surgimiento de la vida.

La segunda parte se vuelve aún más interesante al surgir el violín eléctrico junto con los dinosaurios en Dinosaurs; el desarrollo de los mamíferos en Wave on Wave y su excelente violín; el surgimiento del hombre -percusiones y voces- en The Emergence Of Man terminan lo que llamaría la creación como tal, dando lugar a una “explicación” de la humanidad y su capacidad artística en Humanity (aquí el violín hace, en mi humilde opinión, su mejor trabajo) y a la vez advierte de el potencial peligro de la misma humanidad en Between Terror and Hope.

Cierren los ojos o apaguen las luces y déjense llevar por los sonidos de Images From Earth a través del tiempo. La luz comenzará a atisbar al final de Beyond.

Una excelente recomendación para quienes disfrutan los scores de películas, las ambientaciones musicales o la música electrónica.


The subtitle A history of the planet through music and a sticker with the words “What Carl Sagan’s Cosmos was for TV, this CD is for Music” can describe perfectly this album.

Accompanied by a bunch of excellent performers, through the use of samples, keyboards, a lot of percussion, effects, electric and acoustic violins and voices (sometimes a-la-Jorge Reyes), Michael Thomas Berkley, invites us to “listen” our planet’s birth in the atmospheric Dawn; to the violence of the forming of the continents in Tectonics, then bringing us to the creation of the atmosphere and first rain in the excellent The Birth Of Rain (that I could associate -remember, without comparisons- to Stewart Copeland‘s scores, specially Noah’s Ark) and the awakening of life.

The second part is even more interesting, when we listen to the electric violin emerging along with the gigantic creatures in Dinosaurs; the evolution of mammals in Wave on Wave and its excellent violin; the appearance of men -percussion and voices- en The Emergence Of Man close what I’d call creation, opening room to an explanation of humankind and its artistic abilities in Humanity (here, IMHO, the violin makes its best job) at the same time letting us be aware of the potential danger of humankind in Between Terror And Hope.

Close your eyes or shut the lights off and let you flow within the sounds of Images From Earth traveling in time. The light will begin to show at the end of Beyond.

An excellent recommendation for those who like movie scores, musical ambients or electronic music.