Best of 2007 Parte 3


Continuamos con la parte progresiva (que en este 2007 fué estupenda) de lo mejor del año pasado. ¡Buen año!

  • Satellite
    Into The Night
    “Don’t Walk Away In Silence”
  • Quantum Fantay
    “Niek Shlut”
  • Byron Nemeth Group
    The Force Within
    “Chocolate Factory”
  • Phideaux
    The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part Two)
    “Doomsday Afternoon”
  • Trettioariga Kriget
    I Borjan Och Slutet
  • Pentwater
    “Turn The Key”
  • The Gourishankar
    2nd Hands
    “Queer Forest”

Gochos… Music from everywhere and everyone

  1. Genre Peak [USA]
    Ends Of The Earth (2006)
    “Ends Of The Earth”
  2. Quantum Fantay [Belgium]
    Ugisiunsi (2006)
    “Niek Shlut”
  3. Oxygene8 [USA]
    Freak Of Chance (2007)
    “No Different But Not The Same”
  4. Kosmos [Finland]
    “Omi’i Dakakos”
  5. William Gray [Argentina]
    Living Fossils (2006)
    “Urban Battle”
  6. The Gourishankar
    2nd Hands (2007)
    “Endless Drama”