Amigos showcase summer 2010

  • Josiah [UK]
    Procession (2009)
    “Time To Kill”
  • Noetics [DE]
    Delayed Back (2009)
    “Der Heikle Mann”
  • Reebosound [DE]
    This Is Reebosound (2010)
    “Leave This City”
  • Barry Cleveland [US]
    Hologramatron (2010)
    “Money Speaks”
  • Stereo Alligator [PT]
    Stereo Alligator EP (2009)
  • Absinthe Blind [US]
    Rings (2003)
    “The Break (It’s Been There All This Time)”
  • bôa [UK]
    Get there (2005)
  • In Julia’s Mind Scene [NL]
    In Julia’s Mind Scene (2005)

Eclectic stuff

  • Ventilader
  • The Crystal Method
    Divided By Night
    “Divided By Night”
  • The Phenomenal Handclap Band
    The Phenomenal Handclap Band
    “Give It A Rest”
  • Vitalic
    OK Cowboy
    “Repair Machines”
  • Stereo Alligator
  • So Shush
    So Shush
    “Lucid Dreamer”
  • St. Vincent
    “Actor Artwork”