Chuy’s revenge


Hoy hay mixfeelings: la desgracia de no contar con el Grillo y la fortuna de que cayó el Chuy con todo y programa preparado, con prog-post-trip.

Algún día estaremos todos juntos… si la fortuna nos favorece.

  • U2 (Ire)
    No Line On The Horizon
    «Unknown Caller»
  • Ez3quiel (Fra)
  • Satellite (Pol)
    «I Want You To Know»
  • Talisma (Can)
    Quelque Palt
  • Big Elf (USA)
    Cheat The Gallows
    «Money, It’s Pure Evil»
  • Unifaun (Ita/UK)
  • Nemo

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Nuevo CD / New CD : Talisma’s «Cromium» [Unicorn]

Canadian Prog Rock trio TALISMA who’s first CD Corpus released in 2004 was very well received by the Prog community, will be releasing their second CD. Entitled Chromium, the new CD will be released on UNICORN DIGITAL in August 2005. In the tradition of Corpus Chromium will contain 12 songs of pure instrumental progressive Rock, Nice fluid mellotron textured songs in odd time signatures.

from Unicorn Records mailing list