6th Anniversary Special | Especial 6o aniversario

Remembering what was hot in 1999-2000 and some extras…

Recordando lo que escuchàbamos en 1999-2000 y algunos extras…

  • John Paul Jones: “Zooma” from Zooma
  • Transatlantic: “Mistery Train” from SMPTE
  • Mike Oldfield: “Out Of Mind” from Guitars
  • La Barranca: “Estallido Interno” from Rueda De Los Tiempos
  • 60polo: “Rock And Roll” from 60polo EP
  • Sonic Youth: “Anagrama” from Perspectives Musicales EP
  • Yoke Shire: “The Brook, The Mirror And The Maiden” from Masque Of Shadows
  • Telto: “Anesthesia” from Bugged
  • Explosions In The Sky: “Have You Passed Through This Night?” from Does Who Tell The Truth Shall Die
  • The Strokes: “12:51” from Room On Fire
  • A77aque 77: “Atravesando El Aire” from Condor Crux OST
  • Väsen: “Ploska” from Gront
  • OtraBanda: “Ciudad” from Búsqueda
  • Coldplay: “Sparks” from Parachutes

On rotation on Frecuencia Tec: Pop & Rock (Apr 4 to date)

We’ll inform you (both our audience at Frecuencia Tec and at our show eufOnia) the music programmed to be aired mainly from 0:00 to 2:00 Mexico Time (6:00 to 8:00 GMT)
This is the rock and pop music programming

  • Those Bloody McKeenas (Australia): “Summertime” + “Shelter” from Ticket To The Moon/Summertime EP (Independent)
  • Q-Note (Finland): “Down Into My Insideworld” + “Big Bad Wolf” from Q-Note EP (Independent)
  • Les Little Searchers (France): “Willow Tree”´+ “Les Souris De Cocktail” from Big Pieces Of Brain (Insect Eyes)
  • Junoon (Pakistan): “Bulleya” + “Pyaar Bina” from Parvaaz (Nameless)
  • Romislokus (Russia): “The Thunderstorm Is Coming” + “Termites” from Between Two Mirrors (Independet)
  • Actual Size (UK): “Swan Lake” from Weights & Measures EP (Gut) + “Sunday Driver” from Sunday Driver EP (Gut)
  • Barra (UK): “Gnosis” + “Green Man” from Eternal Magus (Hi Note/English Garden)
  • Lindsey Thompson (UK): “I’m Waiting” + “Momentarily Mine” + “Sweet” from It All Makes Sense (Keystone)
  • Super Delta Three (UK): “Deep Deep” + “Space Geisha” from Eve SUB Rebel (Keystone)
  • Baby Jane Hudson (USA): “Slither” + “Idol” from Marbles Made Like Lemonade (100 Proof Enterntainment)
  • Jamie Barnes (USA): “For Centuries” + “Games We Play On Roadtrips” from The Fallen Acrobat (Silber)
  • Seismic (USA): “Last Act Of A Friend” + “Spy Song (Get What You Need)” from Man From Space (Fusebox)
  • Seven Nations (USA): “God” from Seven Nations (Mortath/Q/Atlantic)
  • The Sullied (USA): “Martyr” + “Die For You” from Meltdown (Independent)
  • Telto (USA): “Blue” + “Anesthesia” from Bugged (D2)
  • Vast (USA): “The Last One Alive” + “I Don’t Have Anything” from Music For People (Electra)
  • Yoke Shire (USA): “Black Tower” + “Magic Circle” + “Masque Of Shadows” from Masque Of Shadows (Zygo)
  • (USA): “Kaleidoscope” + “Naked Amaryllis” from (Independent)

Thanks to the bands and labels for keep sending their music!

Stay cool…