Best of 2006 – the “mainstream”

Gracias por su visita a Krait y al Paqui
Colocamos música del Tributo a Rush de Krait y conversamos en este arranque de año muy a gusto con la banda.

  • Wolfmother [AU]
    Wolfmother  [voted by Chuy]
    “Mind’s Eye”
    Rel.: Feb 21 
  • David Gilmour [UK]
    On An Island [voted by Chuy, Ciro]
    Rel.: Mar 7
  • The Appleseed Cast [US]
    Peregrine [voted by Chuy, Ciro, Charly]
    “The Clock & The Storm”
    Rel.: Mar 21
  • The Flaming Lips [US]
    At War With The Mystics [voted by Chuy, Ciro]
    “Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung”
    Rel.: Abr 4
  • Pure Reason Revolution [UK]
    The Dark  Third [voted by Chuy, Ciro]
    “Arrival/The Intention Craft”
    Rel.: Abr 13 
  • Tool [US]
    10,000 Days [voted by Chuy, Charly, Ciro]
    Rel.: May 2
  • Muse [UK]
    Black Holes And Revelations [voted by Chuy, Charly, Ciro]
    “Knights Of Cydonia”
    Rel.: Jul 11
  • Midlake [US]
    The Trials Of Van Occupanther [voted by Chuy, Jesse, Ciro]
    Rel.: Jul 25
  • Zoé [MX]
    Memo Rex Commander Y El Corazón Atómico De La Vía Láctea
    Rel.: Jul 14