The Free Desing Leader dies at 63

Christopher (Chris) Dedrick [63]
* 1947.. @ Delevanh, New York, USA
+ 2010.08.06 @ home, Toronto, Canada (cancer)

vocalist, guitarist, trumpetist, producer, composer

The Free Design, solo

Christopher (Chris) Dedrick [63]
* 1947.. @ Delevanh, New York, Estados Unidos
+ 2010.08.06 @ casa, Toronto, Canadá (cáncer)

vocalista, guitarrista, trompetista, productpr, compositor

The Free Design, solo

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Mientras se da un conciertazo, (Adrian Belew / Scott Henderson /Alonso Arreola) y debido a causas de fuerza mayor, terminamos improvisando un buen programa de música…

  • South [London, England, UK]
    With The Tides (2003)
    “Same Old Story”
  • Shapes And Sizes [Vancouver, BC, Canada]
    Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner (2007)
    “The Taste In My Mouth”
  • The Black Maria [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
    A Shared History In Tragedy (2006)
    “Waking Up With Wolves”
  • The Free Design [NYC, NY, USA]
    Kites Are Fun (1967)
    “Kites Are Fun”
  • The Stills [Montreal, Quebec, Canada]
    Without Feathers (2006)
    “In The Beginning”
  • Nouvelle Vague [France]
    2 Days In Paris (2007)
    “La, La, La”
  • El Perro Del Mar [Gothenberg, Sweden]
    Look! It’s El Perro Del Mar (2005)
  • Black Bonzo [Sweden]
    Sound Of The Apocalypse (2007)
    “Giant Games”
  • PDG [Quebec, Canada]
    Less Is More / Trop C’Comme Pas Assez (2006)
    “Les Geniséurs”