Primer programa del año: Lo mejor del 2011

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Hail 2011!

  • Jane’s Addiction [US]
    The Great Escape Artist (2011)
    “Twisted Tales”
  • The Horrors [UK]
    Skying (2011)
    “Still Life”
  • Riverside [PL]
    Memories In My Head EP (2011)
    “Forgotten Land”
  • Philip Selway [UK]
    Familial (2010)
    “The Ties That Bind Us”
  • Anathema [UK]
    Falling Deeper (2011)
    “J’ai fait une promesse”
  • Steven Wilson [UK]
    Grace For Drowning (2011)
    “Deform To Form A Star”
  • Yes [UK]
    Fly From Here (2011)
    “Hour Of Need”