Pop psychedelia (or Kula Shaker & Friends)

  • Thrush [UK]
    Sugar Lumps 3 (2010)
    “London Zen”
  • Crispian Mills [UK]
    Healing Hands Single (2010)
    “Healing Hands”
  • Tame Impala [AU]
    Sundown Syndrome Single (2008)
    “Sundown Syndrome”
  • The Jeevas [UK]
    Ghost (Cowboys In The Movies) Single (2002)
    “It’s Not What You Do”
  • Alonza (Bevan) [UK]
    Sugar Lumps 2 (2007)
    “Second Sight”
  • Smashing Time [UK]
    Sugar Lumps (2004)
    “Is It Her”
  • The Zinedines [ES]
    Take Me, Take Me (2004)
    “Take Me, Take Me”
  • Kula Shaker [UK]
    K (1996)
    “Smart Dogs”
  • The June [IT]
    Magic Circles (2009)
  • The Black Angels [US]
    Phosphene Dream (2010)
    “Sunday Afternoon”

El fluido rosa

Hoy tuvimos algo de todo, pero -como siempre- muy buena música (incluyendo el último track… pongan toda la atención).

  • Muse [UK]
    The Resistance [2009.09.15]
    “Unnatural Selection”
  • Yo La Tengo [USA]
    Popular Songs [2009.09.08]
    “Here To Fall”
  • The Black Crowes [USA]
    Before The Froze… Until The Freeze [2009.09.01]
    “Aimless Peacock”
  • Porcupine Tree [UK]
    The Incident [2009.09.15]
  • The June [ITA]
    Magic Circles [2009.08.18]
    “Barber Shop”
  • Gustavo Cerati [ARG]
    Fuerza Natural [2009.09.01]
    “He Visto A Lucy”
  • Wild Beasts [UK]
    Two Dancers [2009.09.08]
    “The Fun Powder Plot”

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