1/2 Elektrohasch + 1/2 Indie

  • Highway Child [DK]
    Sanctuary Come (2009)
    “Sanctuary Come”
  • The Machine [NL]
    Drie (2010)
  • The Machine [NL]
    Calmer Than You Are (2012)
  • The Kings Of Frog Island [UK]
    3 (2010)
    “Bride Of Suicide”
  • Josiah [UK]
    Procession (2010)
    “Dead Forever”
  • Milagres [US]
    Glowing Mouth (2011)
    “Moon On The Sea’s Gate”
  • Fleet Foxes [US]
    Helplessness Blues (2011)
  • Snow Patrol [UK]
    Fallen Empires (2011)
    “Those Distant Bells”
  • A Perfect Circle [US]
    eMOTIVe (2004)
    “People Are People” 
  • Engineers [UK]
    Engineers (2005)

From the mailbox

  • Rush [Toronto, ON, CA]
    Clockwork Angels (Anthem/Roadrunner, 2012)
    “Clockwork Angels”
  • Human Groove Hormone [Denton, TX, US] FRIENDS!
    Self [En]Titled (2011)
    “Icarus’ Wacky Landscape”
  • The Machine [Rotterdam, NL]
    Calmer Than You Are (Elektrohasch, 2012) FRIENDS!
  • Michael Behm [Vancouver, BC, CA] FRIEND!
    Eargasm (SOCAN/Premiere, 2010)
    “Those Things You Say When It’s Over”
  • Tenebrous Liar [UK] FRIENDS!
    Tenebrous Liar’s Last Stand (TV, 2008)
  • New Sun [San Francisco, CA, US] FRIENDS!
    Damage Done (2012)
    “Shards In The Sand”
  • Rush [Toronto, ON, CA]
    Clockwork Angels (Anthem/Roadrunner, 2012)
    “Halo Effect”