Open Mic… from the audio room

  • Pulp [UK]
    We Love Life (Polygram, 2001)
    «The Trees»
  • Mazzy Star [US]
    So  Tonight Thar I Might See (Capitol, 1993)
    «Into Dust»
  • South [UK]
    With The Tides (Kinetic, 2003)
    «9 Lives»
  • The Beta Band [UK]
    Heroes To Zeros (Astralwerks/Regal, 2004)
  • Catherine Wheel [UK]
    Happy Days (Mercury, 1995)
    «Fizzy Love»
  • The Reindeer Section [UK]
    Ya’ll Get Scared Now, Ya’Hear! (Bright Star, 2001)
  • Savage Republic [US] FRIENDS!
    Live Recordings 1981-85 (Independent Project, 2000)
  • The American Analog Set [US]
    Set Free (Arts & Crafts, 2005)
    «Fuck This, I’m Leaving»
  • Scenic [US] FRIENDS!
    Acquatica (Independent Project, 2001)
    «All Fish Go To Heaven»

The Trumpet Show

Hoy nos dedicamos a escuchar trompetas (sin malas intenciones ni nada)… vibrantes sonidos que levantan, pueden dar tristeza, o generar cualquier tipo de emoción. Esperamos lo hayan disfrutado tanto como nosotros.

El background estuvo a cargo del maestro Miles Davis…

  • James [UK]
    Seven (1992)
    Born Of Frustration [Andy Diagram@trumpet]
  • The Reindeer Section [UK]
    Ya’ll Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! (2001)
    Sting [Mick Cooke@trumpet]
  • Roundhead [US]
    Creature Comfort (1999)
    Peel [Dan Mcabe@trumpet]
  • Fritz Doddy [US]
    The Feeling Of Far (2005)
    All The Best [Tony Kadleck@trumpet]
  • Sufjan Stevens [US]
    Illinois (2005)
    Casimir Pulaski Day [Craig Montoro@trumpet]
  • Kush [AU]
    Presents Snow White And The Eight Straights (1974/2008)
    All Right In The City [John Santos + Ian Hellings @ trumpets]
  • Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns [NO]
    In The Fishtank 10 (2003)
    Bombay Brassiere [Mathias Eick@trumpet]
  • Nortec Collective [MX]
    The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3 (2003)
    Tengo La Voz []
  • The New Pornographers [CA]
    Twin Cinema (2005)
    Stacked Crooked [Shaun Brodie@trumpet]

Listen to elbow – Snooks

Supergrupos, Proyectos Alternos y Colaboraciones

A supergroup: Where two or more musical superstars join to make a band…sometimes achieving success, sometimes, just irritating people with the results…

  • Oysterhead
    The Grand Pecking Order (2001)
    «Little Faces»

    Con Trey Anastasio, de Phish; Les Claypool, de Primus y Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade y Stewart Copeland, de The Police

  • Transatlantic
    Bridge Across Forever (2001)
    «Suite Charlotte Pike» (yeah! the whole stuff)

    Con Mike Portnoy, de Dream Theater y Liquid Tension Experiment; Pete Trewavas de Marillion y Kino; Neal Morse, de Spock’s Beard; y Roine Stolt, de The Flower Kings

  • Liquid Tension Experiment
    Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)
    «Universal Mind»

    Con Tony Levin, de Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Bozzio-Levin-Stevens y más; Jordan Rudess, de Dixie Dregs y Dream Theater; Mike Portnoy, de Dream Theater, Transatlantic; y John Petrucci, de Dream Theater

  • A Perfect Circle
    eMOTIVe (2004)
    «Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythm Of The War Drums»

    Con Maynard James Keenan, de Tool; Billy Howerdell; James Iha (ex-Smashing Pumpkins)

  • Leonardo – The Absolute Man
    «This Time, This Way» [2001]

    Colaboración en una obra, con las voces de James Labrie, de Dream Theater y Lisa Bouchelle, de Mastermind

  • Gordian Knot
    Emergent (2003)
    «Singing Deep Mountain»

    En este track participan, aparte de Sean Malone (Cynic), Jason Göbel (Cynic), Paul Masvial (Cynic, Death), Bill Bruford (Earthworks, Yes, King Crimson y más), Steve Hackett (GTR, Genesis y otros), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) y Sonia Lynd

  • Tony Levin
    Pieces Of The Sun (2001)

    Con Larry Fast, Jerry Marotta y The California Guitar Trio (en este track)7Blackfield: «Blackfield» [Blackfield, 2004]
    Con Steve Wilson, de Porcupine Tree, No-Man y Aviv Giffen

  • The Tangent
    The Music That Died Alone (2003)
    «The Canterbury Sequence»

    Con Andy Tillison, de Parallel Or 90 Degrees, The Membranes; Roine Stolt, de Flower Kings, Transatlantic; David Jackson, de Van Der Graaf Generator, Guy Manning

  • The Reindeer Section
    Ya’ll Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! (2001)

    Con Snow Patrol, Mogwai, Astrid, Belle & Sebastian