Charlie Watts, the drummer passes away

Charles Robert (Charlie) Watts [80]
*1941.06.02 London, England, UK
+2021.08.24 London, England, UK (unknown, after heart procedure recovery)
The Rolling Stones, The Charlie Watts Orchestra, The Charlie Watts Quintet, The Charlie Watts Tentet, The ABC&D Of Boogie Woogie)

Charles Robert (Charlie) Watts [80]
*1941.06.02 Londres, Inglaterra, Reino Unido
+2021.08.24 Londres, Inglaterra, Reino Unido (desconocido, mientras se recobraba de un procedimiento médico que involucró su corazón)
The Rolling Stones, The Charlie Watts Orchestra, The Charlie Watts Quintet, The Charlie Watts Tentet, The ABC&D Of Boogie Woogie)

Temporada 5. Sesión 11. Vídeo 3: The Rolling Stones

Un intermedio nostálgico.

Los 60’s nuevamente…

Hey you! Get off of my cloud!…

The Rolling Stones [UK]
December’s Children (And Everybody’s) (1965.12.04)
«Get Off Of My Cloud»

Cosas del 2012 y un poco más

  • Porcupine Tree [UK]
    Single Demo (uploaded by Steven Wilson 2012)
    «Disappear (Demo)»
  • Ian Anderson [UK]
    Thick As A Brick 2 (2012)
    «A Change Of Horses»
  • Storm Corrosion [UK/SE]
    Storm Corrosion (2012)
    «Lock Howl»
  • The Durutti Column [UK]
    Short Stories For Pauline (1983, never released as an album until 2012)
  • Future Of Forestry [US]
    Young Man Follow (2012)
    «Come Alive»
  • DIIV [US]
    Oshin (2012)
  • The Shins [US]
    Port Of Morrow (2012)
    «Bait And Switch»
  • The Rolling Stones [UK]
    Forty Licks (Compilation, 2002)
    «You Can’t Always Get What You Want» (Or. 1969) 

Octubre clásico: rock+psychedelia+funk

Primer programa dedicado a los clásicos (parece otro programa local de Museo del Rock pero con las mismas voces de siempre… ¡ja!)

Enjoy! La nostalgia también entretiene

  • AC/DC
    Back In Black (1980.07.25)
    «Back In Black»
  • The Rolling Stones
    Beggars Banquet (1968.12.06)
    «Simpathy For The Devil»
  • Supertramp
    Crime Of The Century (1974.09.??)
  • Led Zepellin
    II (1969.09.22)
    «What Is And What Should Never Be»
  • Cream
    Disraeli Gears (1967.11.02)
    «Sunshine Of Your Love»
  • Mountain
    Climbing! (1970.03.07)
    «Mississippi Queen»
  • David Bowie
    Hunky Dory (1971.12.17)
    «Life On Mars?»
  • Black Sabbath
    «Paranoid» (1970.09.18)
  • Stevie Wonder
    Talking Book (1972.10.28)


Best Of… | Lo Mejor de … 2005 (Vol. II)

Seguimos con lo mejor del 2005, según nosotros… Disfruten

We continue with the best of 2005, according to us… Enjoy

  • Coldplay | X&Y | «Fix You»
    endorsed by Charly
  • Billy Corgan | The Future Embrace | «Mina Loy (M.O.H.)»
    endorsed by Charly
  • Abie Toiber | Lotus | «Hadas: Lo Que Nunca Fue»
    endorsed by Chuy & Ciro
  • Depeche Mode | Playing The Angel | «Precious»
    endorsed by Charly
  • New Order | Waiting For The Sirens Call | «Krafty»
    endorsed by Charly
  • Oasis | Don’t Believe The Truth | «Let There Be Love»
    endorsed by Charly
  • Arcade Fire (2004) | Funeral | «Neighborhood 2: Laïka»
    endorsed by Chuy
  • Robert Plant | Mighty Rearranger | «Mighty Rearranger»
    endorsed by Ciro
  • Gigur | Fin Del Tiempo | «Fin Del Tiempo»
    endorsed by Chuy & Ciro
  • Jaga Jazzist | What We Must | «All I Know Is Tonight»
    endorsed by Chuy
  • The Mars Volta | Frances The Mute | «L’via L’Viaquez»
    endorsed by Chuy & Charly
  • The White Stripes | Get Behind Me Satan | «Blue Orchild»
    endorsed by Charly
  • System Of A Down | Mesmerize | «The Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song»
    endorsed by Chuy & Charly
  • System Of A Down | Hypnotize | «Hypnotize»
    endorsed by Chuy & Charly
  • The Rolling Stones | A Bigger Bang | «Rough Justice»
    endorsed by Charly