Cosas del 2012 y un poco más

  • Porcupine Tree [UK]
    Single Demo (uploaded by Steven Wilson 2012)
    “Disappear (Demo)”
  • Ian Anderson [UK]
    Thick As A Brick 2 (2012)
    “A Change Of Horses”
  • Storm Corrosion [UK/SE]
    Storm Corrosion (2012)
    “Lock Howl”
  • The Durutti Column [UK]
    Short Stories For Pauline (1983, never released as an album until 2012)
  • Future Of Forestry [US]
    Young Man Follow (2012)
    “Come Alive”
  • DIIV [US]
    Oshin (2012)
  • The Shins [US]
    Port Of Morrow (2012)
    “Bait And Switch”
  • The Rolling Stones [UK]
    Forty Licks (Compilation, 2002)
    “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (Or. 1969)