Symph Rock

  • Dave Bainbridge
    from Veil Of Gossamer (Open Sky, 2004)
    «Over the Waters» [7:29]
  • Silver Lining
    from The Inner Dragon (Musea, 2004)
    «The Morning Dew» [6:02]
  • Solar Project
    from Force Majeure (Musea, 2004)
    «War» [11:13]
  • Conqueror
    from Istinto (Independiente, 2003)
    «Pensieri Fragili»[7:46]
  • Nick Magnus
    «Seven Hands Of Time» from Hexameron (Magick Nuns, 2004)
  • Chaneton
    from The First Light Of The Century (Sadaic-Biem, 2004)
    «The Man In Grey» [6:02]
  • La Tulipe Noire
    from Shattered Image (Musea, 2001)
    «In The Gardens Of Eden» [7:36]
  • New Eden Orchestra
    from Anyman (Independiente, 2003)
  • Azureth
    from Yesterday’s Future, Tomorrow’s Past (Independiente, 2004)
    «Wake The Dragon» [6:57]
  • Forever Twelve
    from Remembrance Branch (Independiente, 2002)
    «Slogan’s Of Compliance»
  • Saens
    from Prophet In A Statistical World (Independiente)
    «Dystopian Dreams-xx84»
  • Tr3nity
    from Precious Seconds (Cyclops, 2004)
    «Run Before You Walk» [10:00]

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