What’s going on in this town?


It’s kinda creepy what’s happening in this town. We, college stations, are remaining as the latest thing with brains here… Sad to say

Radio stations showcasing good music (wether it is commercial/mainstream or independent) are very few (we can count it with one hand fingers) and have been disappearing in the last 3-4 years.

Monterrey is a big city (4+ million people) and is associated (although it’s not the only birthplace) of popular mexican music like «grupero» (tex-mex), «cumbia norteña» (simplisticly is accordion based fusion with a so-called cumbia), and so… The station has some shows with that kind of music, and we respect those guys producing them. Although every musical expression should be respectable, the proliferation and economic success of such music (the bands make a loooot of money) has caused the proliferation of so many bands that is becoming a pain… (specially considering that I have all the doubts on the quality, preparation of musicians, or value added by this kind of music). Most of the radio stations here airs this type of music, so my ears feel and invasion and I hardly listen to radiostations. (Also, I have so many things to listen to, due to the nature of our show that it is almost impossible to be hooked to a show).

I think this phenomenom is some kind of law (check what happened with punk, grunge, and so many other genres that because of use and abuse, become some kind of «mainstream» music, having commercial success and getting most of the times a «cheap» musical expression to some extent), an unfair law.

To continue with my thoughts, a second and very listened type of music here (and by far more valuable at least by me) is the «trova» or «canto nuevo». The station with its 5 years airing has very little variety besides latin pop and «trova», so the operators that spend the night and attend calls during non-live shows program «a lot» (sometimes too much) of trova. So, the rule is that you’ll hear «trova» on nights. There have been some criticism about it. So we get the idea of preparing tracklist for afterhours airing. Something like the eufOnia mondays (actually working), Jazz&Blues tuesdasy, Classic&Soundtrack wednesdays, Electronic Thursdays and World Fridays… until filling all the non-live shows with this kind of music.

We talked with our station director and felt that we could be of some help beyond our show (eufOnia) so, we began the hard task of compiling different kinds of music to be showcased during non-live shows (normally after the 24th hour). We made our first compilation last week: it was about Jazz and Blues, showcasing the likes of John Mayall, Count Basie, John Patittucci, Jaco Pastorius, JJ Cale, BB KIng, Eric Clapton, Duke Ellington, Iraida Noriega and so….

Things went partially bad… some people (no more than 10) called to complain about the change. So, by now, the decision is to move this material lately on night (maybe 4:00 PM). It is very sad. But we have to see the nice side on this.

We couln’t believe on the shortsightened people (well, shortlistening) who called complaining. There are few opportunities of having diversity, to listen to other genres, to be exposed to really cool music… What’s going on whit these people?

  • We’re working very hard on optimize the distribution of the Internet signal, so this material would be heard in Eastern US at maybe waking time and Europe during daytime (at 10:00 to 15:00 depending on the country and on the final decision.
  • It’s always a challenge to be on the edge, against establishment and feed our independent spirit.

We are confident on the support of the heads of the station and that our work (a-lot-of-not-paid-just-for-the-sake and-love-for-music) will prevail.

Stay cool…

I was listening to Ivy (Edge Of The Ocean), Steve Earle (Jerusalem), Sun Palace (The whole Into Heaven CD) and The Jayhawks (Say Your Prayers) during my writing
eufOnia es un programa transmitido por Frecuencia Tec 94.9 FM en Monterrey, NL

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