Cime: The Independence Of Central America Remains An Unfinished Experiment

Cime [HN/US]
The Independence Of Central America Remains An Unfinished Experiment (Syzygy) – Debut
2022 [07.01]
[freak folk]
DJ Rozwell


  1. Compay (Independencia) (3:21)
  2. Friends/Enemies (Earnest/Irony) [Disolución] (3:02)
  3. Canción Para Guillermo (Song For Guillermo) (3:45)
  4. ¡Convicción! (Campaña Nacional) (3:40)
  5. Mother (Interlude) (1:20)
  6. By The Bunches (Banana Dictatorships) (4:27)
  7. God, The FSLN, And The Despots (The Age-Old Story) (3:15)
  8. 200 Years… (And What Came of Them) (5:22)
  9. The Independence Of Central America Remains An Unfinished Experiment (2:21)


  • Monty Cime – guitarra/guitar
  • El Café Atómico – vox (1,4)
  • Zach – guitarra eléctrica/electric guitar (4)
  • Aron Farkas – batería/drums (4,7)


Describing himself as a freak folk artist, the debut album of Cime “The Independence of Central America Remains An Unfinished Experiment” shows his capacity to explore different tunes varying from alternative indie rock to latin sounds.

This combination made “The Independence…” a fresh introspection into the emotions and feelings of Cime, mixturing historic moments from his homeland with reflections from his life. Through the 9 original tracks we hear a rich mix of percussions with indie riffs and some speech regarding passages of Central America.

Cime had shown some advances of creativity through his former band “Costco Boyfriend”; in this album he broadens this creativity singing a mixture of Spanish vocals intersected with some English poetry with low-fi recordings, very indie drums, and Latin rhythms exploded by maracas and accordion.

As a solo artist, Cime release an ambitious album and delivers and excruciating view to Central America and particularly Honduras. This combination of historical narratives, personal observations and crowd voices transform the album in a reflective odyssey.

Opening with “Compay”, Cime declares “queremos estar libres, tenemos que pensar, creando el futuro nos espera Bolívar…” introducing the tone of the album with a chaotic pattern of sounds competing with a bass rhythm that declares the intensity of the album.

Without cutting this frenetic sound, the maracas and accordion of “Friends/Enemies” follows the introspection when friends become enemies when they don’t accept your identity, this is a track full of rage and dissapointment.

We have to celebrate the creativity of latin artists who dare to show emotions on their former lands and, in 30 minutes, Cime’s debut album may be the emotional and political record that captures the spirit of an entire nation and self acceptance.

There’s also room to thank and remember the late Guillermo Anderson, an iconic honduran musician renowned for his artistic commentary on societal issues, so it’s totally agreeable that the singing of “te extraño Guillermo, te amo Guillermo” together with the memory of another central American figure like
Francisco Morazán should be praised.

Through his music, Cime creates a personal, political and historical ode to the music reflecting the lively actual world changes as he established “al final triunfa la patria”.

Review by Carlos Luis

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